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Empower Your Employees To Find A Deeper Purpose In The Work That They Do! When Your Employees Are In Purpose Work Can Seem More Enjoyable And More Fulfilling! Sometimes When Employees Are Underutilizing Their Purpose At Work, They Can Feel Underappreciated And Only Demonstrate Medium Performance Instead Of Maximum Performance! And That Can Affect Profits, Morale, And Cause Turnover! Employees Who Don't Feel Like They Are In A Position To Be More Purposeful At Work Can Begin To Look For Another Job, Or Not Put Out Their Full Potential At Work, And That Affects The Employee And The Organization!

Your Organization Has An Opportunity To Step Up And Stand Out In An Amazing Way By Providing Life Coaching Services. If Part Of The Vision of Your Organization Is To Be Unique and Stand Out From Your Competitors, While Making a Inspirational Difference In The Lives Of Others, and Generating Additional Income. It Is Time to Take Your Organization to the Next Level Of Success. Creating A Coaching Culture In The Workplace Is A Win-Win For Everyone.


Do you represent a purpose-driven organization that is dedicated to making a difference, and building the lives of others? Are you affiliated with a organization that has a specific purpose to serve those who need to move forward, achieve goals, fulfill their dreams and experience a more fulfilled life? Do you have a caring and compassionate staff who are inspirational, motivational, empowering and supportive? Have you ever thought that you have a great organization that provides great services, but something is missing? Having a staff of life coaches could be the missing piece that your organization needs.

If you represent a purpose-driven organization that would like to incorporate life coaching into the services that you provide, then this may be a great opportunity for you.Our trainer will help you to create a coaching culture in your organization.

Imagine what  having a staff of life coaches would do for your company. How would it make you stand out in the crowd? How would it assist those that you serve in an even more amazing way? How would it assist those that you serve to achieve their goals and dreams? How would it assist those that you serve to live a more fulfilled life? How would it empower your staff to be more purposeful in the workplace?

Having a staff of Certified Life Coaches could be extremely rewarding for your organization. It could not only be beneficial and fulfilling for those that you serve, but also for your staff. We believe that having a coaching culture is important for organizations. That means that coaching is a key part of the services that are provided to those that you serve. That also means that your organization understands the impact that coaching can have for the organization, and in the lives of others. And it also means that your organization is dedicated to appreciating and celebrating the purpose of your staff! 

Our trainer has real world experience providing coaching services to organizations, and she will work with your staff in a customized and private group to assist them with achieving their coach certification. She will assist your staff to create a coaching culture that will assist those that your organization serve live a successful life.

Not only can having a staff of life coaches mean success for your clients, but it can also mean success for your employees, and organization as well. Take a moment to think about where your oranization is at now. Now take another moment to imagine where it could go if you made the decision to implement a coaching culture.



Offer Life Changing Group Programs, Workshops and Seminars Specific to Your Organization:

As a purposeful organization would you like to offer in-house group coaching programs, workshops and seminars exclusively for your clients, or the community you serve? As a organization that provides life coaching services, you can provide programs that your staff of life coaches create based on the mission, purpose and goals of your organization.

You can even provide coaching group, workshop and seminar services for a fee if your organization chooses to. Offering group coaching, workshops and seminars is an excellent opportunity for your organization to think out of the box, serve client needs in a powerful way, and even generate additional income (if that is a desire).



Training Topics Covered:

Foundational Coaching Skills
Intro to Life Coaching
Life Coaching Skills
Overview of Coaching Forms
Being an Inspiration Through Coaching
Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
Coaching Scenarios With Client and Coach Responses
How to Ask Powerful Coaching Questions
Listening Skills
Discovering How to Best Coach Your Client
Helping Your Client to Prepare for Obstacles and Roadblocks
Empowering and Motivating Your Clients Toward Success
3 key Principles of Coaching
How to Stand Out as a Coach
Powerful Questions to Use
How to Assist Others to Overcome Obstacles
Designing Coaching Sessions 
Advanced Coach Training
Authoring Articles
Assisting Your Client to Successfully Set and Reach Goals
Coaching Models
Creating Possibilities For Transformation
Empowering Your Clients for Success
Creating a E-Book
How to Assist Your Clients to Set and Reach Their Goals
Creating a Client Action Plan
How to Jump-Start a Coaching Session
How to Create a Powerful First Session
How to Lead in Your Sessions
How to Successfully Structure your Coaching Sessions From Beginning to End
Designing Group Coaching Sessions
Step-By-Step Format for Your Coaching Sessions
Group Coaching Session Outline
Creating Coaching Seminars
Creating Coaching Workshops
Personal Foundation  
Identifying Passions and Strengths
Organization Skills
Developing a Personal Vision
Overcoming Roadblocks and Obstacles
Positive Thinking
Goal Setting
Intuition and Creativity
Your Vision for Success



Dual Certification Opportunity:

This is a dual certification opportunity. Your staff will have an opportunity to choose one advanced certification. This is optional. For example, if your organization specializes in helping women your staff members can choose the Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach as an advanced certification option. The advanced certification programs are delivered as recorded classes with downloadable modules. 


Advanced Coaching Certifications:

Certified Christian Life Coach (CCLC) Please Click Here

Certified Girl's Self-Esteem Coach (CGSEC) Please Click Here

Certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach  (CLWC) Please Click Here

Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach (CWIPPC) Please Click Here

Certified Youth Life Coach (CYLC) Please Click Here



 Graduation Requirements:

  • All staff must successfully pass a final exam with a 80% or above.
  • All homework must be submitted (homework is pass or no pass).
  • Complete required coaching competencies.



Training Format:

Please contact us to discuss your special training needs. There must be at least 4 staff members to schedule a class. The class will be scheduled according to the specific needs of your corporation. You have control over how long it takes your staff to receive training and certification.This unique program will be designed to cater to your staff members, and the specific purpose of your organization.  

All participants will need internet access, an e-mail address for the trainer to communicate with them, and adobe reader to download their modules. If any of your staff members don't have adobe reader they can download it here for free this will allow them to download their modules in PDF format.



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For additional information please contact The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute by e-mail at, or telephone (1-877-494-7137), or through the contact us page. We are looking forward to serving your organization.