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Certified Thought Transformation Coach Practitionerâ„¢ Program
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   "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein



Empower Your Clients to Transform Their Thinking and Their Life! The Right Mindset Can Make All Of the Difference Between Your Clients Succeeding Or Not Succeeding. Part Of Our Job As Coaches Is To Identify The Blocks That Are Preventing Our Clients From Moving Forward, And Challenge Their Limiting Beliefs. 

Inspire Your Clients To Shatter Their Wrong Way Of Thinking, Tap Into the Power of Positive Thinking, Strengthen Their Belief System, Shift Their Mindset, and Achieve Amazing Results Consistently! Also Learn a Fresh New Perspective for Positive Thinking Strategies, And a Step-by-Step Positive Mindset Coaching Method, That Can Help You Naturally Transition Into An Amazingly Successful Mindset Professional, With Unstoppable Confidence, Increased Income, and Increased Client Results! 

If You Have Ever Wanted to Learn About the Mindset, Positive Thinking, And Thought Transformation. This Is The Right Program For You! 




It is important for your clients to be aware of what he or she is thinking. This includes awareness of thoughts, feelings and habits. This program will help you to inspire and empower your clients to address the hidden causes of personal failure. This program will help your clients to break through limiting beliefs and understand why he or she is not succeeding to their fullest capabilities. This program will help your clients to think more consciously. Conscious thinking involves paying attention in the present moment, focusing  attention, and "thinking about what you are thinking about." This program is designed for those who have a passion to inspire, empower and educate their client's to develop the right way of thinking to enhance their life success. 

Inspire, empower, and educate your clients to live beyond anything he or she could ever imagine by mastering their thoughts. When your client changes his or her way of thinking his or her results can change drastically. When your client changes the way he or she thinks everything else in their lives can change.  

If your clients don't have a positive way of thinking how is that going to manifest positive results? It is a reality that like attracts like so a positive way of thinking will help to produce positive results.  If your client has a negative way of thinking that is a block to his or her success. The wrong way of thinking stops clients from achieving, and that can make things challenging for you as a coaching professional. 

The right way of thinking can assist your clients to blow the roof off of their success. Your clients must refuse to let anything stop him or her from manifesting their goals and dreams, and refuse to let their own way of wrong thinking get in the way of their success. A positive mindset is critical to your client achieving his or her goals and dreams, and to their success.






Your client will never go any farther in life than he or she thinks they will:

Your clients have the inner ability to positively transform his or her life by transforming the way he or she thinks. It is time for your clients to remove the limitations from their thinking once and for all. And it doesn't matter where your clients are at in their life at the current moment. He or she has everything they need inside of them to be successful. But your client must change their way of thinking in order to change their life. Your client's way of thinking must be in alignment with their true desires.


The Inspiration Behind This Program:

"I believe that success is a partnership between us and God. I believe that God is the creator and that we were created to be conscious creators.  I also believe that we can use our mind to create amazing things in our lives. I believe that our mind is the birthing ground for success (when used effectively). "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."I also believe that we all deserve to achieve what we were created to achieve. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many people who have allowed their wrong way of thinking to block their opportunity to live a higher quality of life. " 

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez


By transforming my way of thinking I have been able to:

  • Powerfully change my mindset and my life.


  • Bounce back after losing my job due to corporate downsizing, start a successful coaching and training business, and make more money than I made when I lost my job.


  • Complete Nursing school, and later a BA program in Psychology, as a single mother with 5 children at home.


  • Complete a Master's Degree in an area that I am passionate about.


  • Stay dedicated to completing a Doctorate program even after my grandson passed away, as I was pursuing my Doctorate.


  • Overcome fear and doubt about stepping out to achieve my dreams.


  • Let go of what other people think of me.


  • Become aware of things I need to change in my life if I truly wanted to succeed.


  • Build rewarding and fulfilling relationships with others.


  • Achieve lifelong dreams and accomplish goals that I used to think were impossible.


  • Become recognized nationally and internationally for being an expert article writer.


  • Become a mentor to inspire and empower others to succeed all over the world.


  • And much, much more!



Program Topics:

A overview of positive thought transformation

Definition of a Certified Thought Transformation Coach Practitioner™

Your purpose and your why as a Certified Thought Transformation Coach Practitioner™

Positive characteristics of a Certified Thought Transformation Coach Practitioner™

How you can inspire and empower others as a Certified Thought Transformation Coach Practitioner™

How the right way of thinking can fuel your client's success

How your client's right way of thinking can mean better results for you as a coaching professional

What is the mindset?

Positive thought healing

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction and mindset success

The law of attraction and obstacles

Why people may have trouble with the law of attraction

The law of attraction and emotional

The law of attraction and inspired action

The law of attraction and manifestation

The A.I.M. divine manifestation process™

The spiritual approach to positive thought transformation

Spiritual laws to transform thoughts into reality

How thoughts are related to joyful energy

How the wrong mindset is a success blocker

P.I.E. thoughts

Success and the mindset

Why mindset success is so important for your clients

Inspiring your clients to think positively

Attitudes, behaviors and actions

The power of words

Words and the mindset

Mind traps

Self-Limiting beliefs

Faith Empowered Thinking™

God-power and thought transformation

Visualization and mindset success

Inspirational meditation strategies

Empowering your clients to unleash inner peace

Successful mind management

The miracle of a new mind

Success keys for abundant living

The Positive Thought Transformation Model™

The 5 Step Divine Thought Replacement Model™

Positive thought transformation and whole person success



Class Information:

This  certification program is conveniently delivered through downloadable modules. The class information is available to you online. You will receive a online link to download your certification modules. You can click and read your certification modules right from your computer, or print them off (you can keep them in a 3 ring binder for future reference). 

You are able to contact your trainer by e-mail for any questions. Since you have already completed the foundational training this program can be completed in as little as 20-25 additional learning hours (with dedication and commitment). This online training program can be spread out over a few days or a few weeks. You control your learning pace.



There is no final exam for the advanced certification program, but you are required to complete and submit competency assignments. Successfully completing the competency assignments and receiving positive feedback demonstrate your competency to receive certification.


Upcoming Online Class Dates:

This program has open enrollment. You may start at any time.



Program Investment:



As a graduate coach of The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute you are receiving a significant discount on this program.



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Refund Policy:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Once your payment or deposit has been made there are no refunds available. Upon paying your payment or deposit you receive access to the materials and resources, therefore no refunds are given. But we will work with you diligently to ensure your 100% satisfaction. If you need to cancel your training for any reason 100% of your tuition can be applied to the same training program within 6 months. You will not lose your investment.