Continued E-Coaching




You receive personalized e-mail coaching with your coaching package, but if you should desire an extension or additional sessions this opportunity is for you.

You may continue personalized e-coaching after your sessions have expired. If you find yourself stuck even 6 months after you have completed your coach certification program, you can receive continued e-mail coaching to set and achieve business goals, get back on track, break through business blocks, and develop strategies for long-term business success.

This continued e-coaching opportunity will provide you with an additional 30 days of personalized e-coaching. You may ask a daily or weekly question related to your practice building or coaching skills. You will be provided with specific, detailed and personalized feedback that is specific for you and your business. You will receive attention that is custom designed for your individual needs. All questions will be answered within a 24 hour time period.

Prior to beginning your e-coaching you will receive a success assessment. This is to assist Dr. Shauntel with meeting all of your specific needs. Your assesment is done through e-mail.


Investment: $297.00 (Per 30 day period).


Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity. You will receive a payment invoice to make your payment.