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Attention Future Coach: It's Your Time!

If You Are Fed Up With Not Living In Divine Purpose, Then It Is Time For You To Unleash Your Purpose As A Coach, So That You Can Finally Live The Fulfilling Life You Were Born To Live, And Powerfully Step Into Your Dream Career! When You Move In The Direction Of Your Purpose Amazing Things Can Happen Mentally, Spiritually, And Financially! Learn How To Get Paid Doing What You Love To Do, And Help Others Radically Transform Their Lives! 

God Has Created Each One Of Us To Do Something Amazing For Humanity! Your Purpose Is As Unique As Your Fingerprint. It Is the DNA of Why You Are Here On Earth. Life Is Too Short Not To Live It Doing What Makes You Feel Happier And More Fulfilled!

Learn How to Become A Phenomenal Life Coach, Make More Money, Create Positive Change In The Lives Of Others, And Build A Thriving Coaching Practice, All From The Comfort Of Your Home, Office, Or Favorite Place To Relax! Our Life Transforming Programs Work Around Your Lifestyle! And You Can Train From Anywhere In The World Regardless Of Your Time Zone! 

Becoming a Coach Can Economy Proof Your Income, Allow You to Become Your Own Boss, and Let Your Gifts Shine! What Would It Feel Like To Know You Are Living Your Divine Life Purpose? What Would It Feel Like To Wake Up Every Morning Excited About Your Day? And What Would It Feel Like To Have The Opportunity To Add More Joy, Peace, Freedom, And Money To Your Life? Imagine How Your Life Could Change! This Is Your Time To Believe In Yourself And Take A Leap Of Faith Into Who You Were Born To Be! You Deserve It! But If You Keep Doing The Same Thing You Will Continue To Have The Same Results! It Is Time For A Change! 






Exactly What Does a Life Coach Do?


A coach assists his or her clients to go from where they are at to where they desire to be. This is done by assisting them to set goals, and implement a systematic approach to achieving them. The coach assists his or her clients to develop plans and strategies to reach their full potential, by asking powerful questions to propel them forward.

The coach provides accountability, guidance, insightful feedback, inspiration, and support. The coach celebrates the victories of those whom they coach, and empowers them to live their best life possible. The coach also assists individuals to break through challenges and obstacles. The coach is a key success partner for his or her clients.



Dual Certification Opportunity:

Here at The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute, we provide you with a unique opportunity for dual certification. That means you can receive a second advanced certification in another area you are passionate about. This can help you to become more marketable and add another specialization to your professional portfolio.

Advanced certifications are offered as a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Girl's Self-Esteem Coach, Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach, and as a Certified Youth Life Coach.



Becoming a Certified Life Coach Can Be Part of Your Purpose If:

  • You want to experience a more meaningful and rewarding life.
  • You are tired of sitting on your gifts when you know you have been called to do something amazing for humanity.
  • You have a passion to inspire others to reach their goals and dreams.
  • Your heart is searching for "that thing" you were called to do, but you haven't found it yet, and you feel led to life coaching.  
  • You often have people coming to you for support, encouragement, and guidance.
  • You have been seeking a way to help others and add more fulfillment to your life.
  • You want an amazing career that will honor your strengths, purpose and spirituality.
  • You are sick and tired of feeling dissatisfied with your life because you are not in alignment with your purpose.
  • You would like to make money doing what you love to do, without compromising your integrity and values.
  • You want a career dedicated to empowering others to live the life they were created to live.
  • You are not afraid to take a leap of faith to dream big and achieve big.
  • Becoming a Certified Life Coach is pulling at your heart.
  • You have answered yes to the above questions, and you feel like you are on the right purposeful path.



Are You Ready to Serve the World in a Big Way, and Create Huge Shifts in Your Life?


Someone In the World Needs You:

There are people waiting for you to step into your purpose as a Certified Life Coach. When you step into your purpose as a coach you are answering someone's prayers. How? Because when you step into your purpose as a Certified Life Coach that puts you in a position to serve others in a powerful way. Someone needs you to help them live fulfilled, to help them achieve their goals and dreams and to help them find hope.   

If you feel like you are being held hostage by a life that is not fulfilling. Then it is time for you to be unleashed from the chains of living unfulfilled. One of the best ways you can be unleashed is by getting in alignment with your purpose. If you need a paradigm shift in your life, and you are committed to fulfilling your destiny, then you are at the right place at the right time. It is your time to live in purpose, and serve others in a big way.

You have been created to do something amazing and if you are not fulfilling your calling then you are doing yourself and others a disservice. You have powerful hidden potential that deserves to be tapped into. You have been called to unlock your hidden potential and live an abundant and prosperous life. Are you ready for your life turnaround? If so then get on the road to living a rewarded and purpose filled life.

One way that you can live a rewarded, and purpose filled life is by serving others. You have the ability to plant seeds of hope, encouragement, inspiration and dream achievement in the lives of others. There is work that needs to be done for humanity. Are you bold enough to step out with a yes, and get things done? You have not made it through what you have made it through, not to help others achieve their goals and dreams. You have a voice that needs to be heard. Become empowered to share your message with the world.

Do you feel empowered to say yes to stepping out in faith to do something for yourself, for humanity and for the world? If you do then please think carefully about your answers to the following questions. 


  • Are you fed up with living a life that is not providing you with any inner satisfaction or joy?
  • Why are you not living your life to the fullest?
  • What is holding you back from taking the faith steps that will get you to the next level?
  • Do you feel like a piece of your purpose puzzle is missing?
  • Do you have a life story that can inspire someone forward?
  • Do you have the courage to say yes and follow your calling to become a certified coach?


Think about the frustration you are feeling from living out of your purpose, and not living the life you dream of living.Think about what your living out of purpose is costing you emotionally and spiritually (joy, peace, happiness).Think about how many lives you can have an impact on if you become dedicated to pursuing your purposeful path. If you step into your purpose could you help make a difference in the lives of 10 people, a hundred people, thousands of people? If you step out in your purpose that means that more people get helped.

Now imagine the joy and happiness you would feel if you decided to go against the grain of any doubt, fear, and limited thinking, and just step out in faith to become a life changer. Imagine what you could do if you were able to connect with your higher purpose. Imagine feeling excited, and rewarded everyday because you are making a difference. And imagine actually loving what you do, and getting paid to do it! 



Awaken the Inner Coach Within And Conquer Your Dream of Coach Certification.


It Is Time to Take Action and Step Into Your Purpose:

Becoming a Certified Life Coach may be the missing piece to your purpose puzzle. If you feel stuck between what you are doing and what you know you are capable of doing, then life coaching may be the perfect next step for you. Becoming a Certified Life Coach through The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute allows you to share your gifts in a way that enriches your soul, your spirit, the lives of others and the world.

It is time for you to make a big impact in the world...this year. You must decide that no longer will you put your dream of coach certification on hold. The longer you wait, the longer you are not serving those you are called to serve, and the longer you are missing out on living your life the way you deserve to live it. So no more putting your dream of coach certification on hold from this moment forward. The people who you are called to serve will continue to miss out on your amazing gifts if you don't take action.

Even if you have achieved some success in your life becoming a certified coach can open up a new world of opportunities for you. There is still an abundance of blessings and life fulfillment available just for you. It is too easy to continue to put your dream of coach certification on hold, but now it is time to break through what is trying to stop you, and get into your purpose. You deserve it, and so do those who you are called to serve. So say yes to your dream of coach certification.


Turn Your Purpose Into Profit, and Live More Fulfilled Than You Ever Imagined.


Discover Unlimited Possibilities as a Certified Life Coach:

You can love what you do, and feel rewarded as you assist your clients to successfully achieve goals. You can feel fulfilled as you assist your clients to create changes in their lives.

As a certified coach you can work with clients over the phone, right from the comfort of home or your office, or you can work with clients in person. You can coach individuals all over in the world. You can also incorporate your skills into your current employment. You can coach full time, or part time. The possibilities are almost limitless.

If you feel that being a certified coach is part of your purpose we would love for you to become part of our family! It is time for you to power up your purpose and learn proven, step-by-step coaching strategies to assist others to live an amazing and fulfilled life.



Learn How to Make a Difference and Make Money:

We know that as a future certified coach your primary goal and passion is to make a difference, and serve others in a powerful way. But we also know that many times it is also important to make money as well. This puts you in a position to not only help yourself financially, but to also give back, and help others too.

As a student coach you will learn how to generate additional income. You will learn how to charge a fee for your one-to-one coaching services. You will also learn how to deliver group coaching, seminars and workshops. By the time you have completed your coach training program you will have gained the knowledge and skills to master all of the training competencies. All of these things have the potential to help you generate income. The current economy is a great reason to learn how to generate additional income. You will learn how to make a difference and make money without compromising your integrity and values.



Open Your Very Own Coaching Business:

Through the certification program you can become the CEO of your own coaching business. You will be able to take the resources, education, and insight you have gained to launch a coaching business, that can repay your investment within a short amount of time. This coach training program can be the catalyst to propel you into an extraordinary and successful coaching business. Your coaching business can not only allow you an opportunity to serve clients in a powerful way, but it can also provide you with the finances to provide for you some of the things you deserve, and the additional income to help others.

Your one time investment will provide you with all that you need to jump-start your dream coaching business. Through The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute you will receive practical information, mentoring, knowledge and tools to not only become a coach, but to also launch your own coaching business. You will learn how to gain confidence to build your coaching business in alignment with your purpose, and your personal desires.



You Have A Mentor Who Is There to Inspire, Motivate and Support You. She is Dedicated to Your Success.


Dr. Shauntel's Promise to You!

Here is her personal promise to you."I will serve you in any way that I can so that you can achieve your dream of becoming a certified coach. I will provide you with all of the inspiration and information that I can to help you be successful. I am your success partner. I am dedicated to assisting you with closing the gap of where you are currently at in your life and where you desire to be."

"I am here to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a certified coach and being a world changer. I too have blasted through many barriers in my life. Through faith I have been blessed to turn my dreams into reality, and I want to help you to turn your dreams into reality too. I understand and I care.

Here is just a slight glimpse into my personal journey. I have been a single struggling mother of 5. I have had to work at one point three jobs at a time just to make ends meet. I have worked hour after hour only to leave my job unfulfilled and unsatisfied. And I have had so much up against me at one point that I thought success was for everyone else except for me.

To be honest I got sick and tired of living an unfulfilled life. The final straw for me was after many, many years of dedicated service to my employer. I was blindsided with the loss of my job. In the midst of the tears I thought there has got to be more to my purpose than this.

After becoming a statistic due to corporate downsizing I had to literally create a mind shift that has provided me with success tools and strategies. Through God's grace, faith, hard work, and determination, I have achieved a fulfilling life. And I want to help you achieve a fulfilling life as well.

I am here to support and encourage you all of the way! Through faith I have flipped the switch toward success (success to me is living a happy, fulfilled, and rewarding life making a difference), and I am here to guide you to do the same thing. I truly know that I have made it through has positioned me in my purpose to help others.

If you are ready for transformation in your life then I invite you to review our training programs. Don't put off any longer what you deserve now.

I challenge you to define your HOW. How are you going to change your life? How are you going to change the lives of others? Now it is time to make it happen!"

Peace, Blessings and Success,

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez



                         Visualize, Believe, and Receive Your Dreams!™                                   




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