Post-Graduate Private Coaching




You have an opportunity for additional private coaching after you have completed your certification program. If you find that you would like to receive additional coaching then this may be a great opportunity for you. You may add this opportunity on any time you feel that you need additional support. You may receive private coaching on anything that relates to your coaching skills or practice building. Through the coaching sessions you will meet with Dr. Shauntel over a telephone conference line.

You will receive coaching that will address your specific needs, help you set and achieve business goals, help you overcome business obstacles, and  inspire you for long term success. Prior to your initial coaching session you will receive an e-mail assessment that will help Dr. Shauntel with assisting you in a powerful and effective way.  

You will receive three 45 minute private coaching sessions. These are held every other week, and weekly e-mail coaching sessions in between your private sessions (one e-mail a week). A e-mail coaching session is one e-mail coaching question from you, and one response from Dr. Shauntel. This is for guidance, support and inspiration in between your private coaching sessions, and to address any additional questions as you implement what you have discovered during your private coaching session. 







If you have a desire for private coaching with Dr. Shauntel please contact us. You will schedule your sessions (according to your and Dr. Shauntel's availability). Once your sessions are scheduled you will receive a payment invoice. Your payment must be made within 24 hours of scheduling your sessions.