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Success Articles > 5 Effective Ways To Change Your Life For The Better Today!

1. Pray throughout the day, especially when you first wake up.

It is imperative to have a strong prayer life, it is the way that our day should be started. When we start our day off with prayer and thinking positive it gives us a head start on anything negative that may come our way. As soon as you wake up, just thank God in advance for a good day, for his favor, and for his blessings that are coming your way. This is one way to combat overwhelm, by starting the day off with good thoughts, and thanking God that you will have a stress free day. Once you start to believe in your heart that you will have a good day, good things throughout the day will come your way. If you feel yourself starting to feel discouraged or overwhelmed, pray and focus on the good things of God.


2. Don't sweat the small stuff.

So many times we become overwhelmed and stress over small things that really don't matter at all. Have you ever became overwhelmed about the small stuff? Like cleaning the house, what you are going to cook for dinner, or someone cutting you off while you were driving? Becoming preoccupied with trivial things takes the focus off of the positive things that we really need to be focused on. It is not the end of the world if you don't make dinner or if you don't clean the house, just put it off until the next day. If someone cuts you off on the road don't spend the rest of your day upset, if you do that then you are allowing the person that upset you to be your puppet master. He or she is pulling your strings because you are allowing them to control you and your day.

Small stuff can come in all forms, and when it is compared to what you really could be going through it doesn't matter at all anyway. Why get upset at your child over nothing, when someone else has had to bury theirs? Why complain about your job, when someone else doesn't have one? Why complain about bills, when you have money to pay them? Why complain about your life, when someone else has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? So the next time that you want to sweat the small stuff, just thank God because it could be worse.


3. Don't worry about things that you can not change.

90% of the things that a person worry about will probably never happen. But for the things that have happened why worry about them if they can't be changed? If you worry about things that can't be changed it just causes you to be stressed or maybe even depressed. If something has happened in the past it is already done, and the circumstances can't be reversed, instead of worrying you should develop a plan for how to deal with things, and decide on what you can do positive instead of worrying. There are many things that can take the place of worrying, like doing something that you enjoy doing, reading a inspirational book, talking to someone about the thing that you are worried about, praying about it, and realizing in your heart that no matter what it is, in time it will get better.


4. Laugh, even when you want to cry.

 Laughter is good for the soul, and laughing will help you feel better on a daily basis. Actively practice replacing sadness with joy. There are times when you are faced with things that are going to make you sad, and you may even cry. But don't dwell on the things that make you sad, but focus on the things that bring you joy. Laugh...laugh...and laugh some more. Statistically, it has been proven that people who laugh more are less depressed, live longer, and have minimal health issues. So, laughter can not only help you emotionally, but also physically. If you feel yourself being mad, down, or upset, turn that frown into a smile, and just think about something that brings you joy. Practice this and before you know it you will be reaping the benefits of being joyous. Smile every time you get an opportunity to, and live and laugh like everyday is your last day.


5. Keep dreaming.

Never give up on your dreams or goals, no matter how far away they seem. Don't let day after day go by wishing that you would have followed your dreams. It is not to late, as long as you are breathing and living, you haven't missed it! Be careful who you share your dreams with because not everyone who says that they support you, really do. There are people out there who are dream killers (DK's), and they are negative people, who only believe in their dreams, but not the dreams of others. They are quick to plant negative seeds, and should be avoided. Don't look for people to validate your dreams. If nobody supports your dreams, guess what? That's ok, because as long as you and God believe in your dreams that's all that matters. Develop a dream, develop a plan to reach your dreams, and follow through! From this moment on, decide in your mind that you can do whatever you set my mind to do...and DREAM BIG!!!!!