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Become a Certified Youth Life Coachâ„¢


Empower Our Youth For a Brighter Tomorrow!

Do you have a passion to assist the youth to gain powerful life skills? Would you like to own your own youth life coaching business, ministry or incorporate coaching skills into your current position? Through this program you will learn strategies, tips and techniques to successfully coach the youth, and to launch a coaching practice. Through our clear, step-by-step, practical training system you will gain the tools you need to help the youth live a more fulfilled life...today and tomorrow!

The Certified Youth Life Coach training program will assist you in working with pre-adolescent and adolescents. This program will equip you with tools to help them transition into successful adulthood. Help youth increase motivation, confidence, and help them reach a higher level of potential!

The youth life coach training program will assist participants in gaining skills to help youth improve assertiveness, goal setting skills, use of initiative, and confident communication. There are issues that many teens face without a real plan of how to deal with them. The program is designed to assist those who currently work with the youth or is in an educational program preparing to work with the youth.

Youth Life Coaching is designed to assist the pre-adolescent and adolescent youth in working toward goals to help them create a brighter future. It is beneficial for the youth, because it will give him or her an effective life map for personal success, and to facilitate positive life changes. The youth life coach training program is committed to providing you with tools to help the youth develop life changing skills, to make he or she a better person from the inside out.

Just one of the great benefits of this program is that you will not only gain tools to coach the youth effectively, but you will also gain tools to effectively coach parents, teachers, and other adults who are involved in the life of the youth. Whether you have a passion to coach one-to-one, in a group, or through workshops or seminars we have something here for you. Your possibilities as a Certified Youth Life Coach are practically limitless!



Who Should Become a Certified Youth Life Coach?

This program is structured for those currently employed in a field where they work with the youth, have a clear history of working with the youth, or is a student enrolled in a college or university in a academic area where he or she will be directly working with the youth and/or families of the youth. Ideal participants are youth ministers, counselors, social workers, teachers, law enforcement workers, medical workers, probation officers, juvenile workers, after-school providers, and students training to work with the youth and/or families of the youth.


Class Information:

This advanced certification program is conveniently delivered through recorded classes and downloadable modules. This program is available to you online. You will receive a online link to download your audios and modules. You can click and listen to your class right from your computer, and click and read your modules or print them off (you can keep them in a 3 ring binder for future reference).

The class recordings are provided to you in MP3 format. You are able to contact your trainer by e-mail for any questions. Since you have already completed the foundational training this program can be completed in as little as 15-20 additional learning hours (with dedication and commitment). This online training program can be spread out over a few days or a few weeks. You control your learning pace.


There is no final exam for the advanced certification program, but you are required to complete and submit competency assignments. Successfully completing the competency assignments and receiving positive feedback demonstrate your compentency to receive certification.



Trainer's Experience:

Along with being a Certified Coach and Certified Coach Trainer. Our trainer has a specialty certification as a Adolescent Coach, and also has a certificate in Youth Development. She has over 10 years of experience related to working with the youth, which includes working for the county as the regional coordinator for the Stop Teen Pregnancy program, Creating Positive Relationships Instructor for middle school students in her county, Adolescent After-School Program Co-Director and Nurse on an adolescent behavioral unit. She also provided coaching services for at risk youth through a partnership with a community agency in her area and a juvenile services provider.



Topics Covered Through This Program:

Youth Topics:
Overview of Youth Coaching
How to Have a Positive Impact as a Youth Coach
Coaching the Youth
Needs of the Youth
Dealing with Difficulties
Anger Issues and the Youth Client
How to Assist the Youth to See Challenges as Opportunities
Self-Esteem and the Youth
Youth Stress Management
Communication Strategies
The Impact of Words on the Youth
Conflict Resolution
Diversity and the Youth
Negative Behaviors and the Youth
School Bullying
Effective Parenting Skills
Youth and the Internet
Parenting and Youth Communication
The Teenage Years
Family Dynamics
Peer Pressure
Motivating the Youth Toward Success 
Activities and Exercises for Your Youth Client.
Background Check Requirement or Letter of Recommendation:
If you are not currently working within a organization that serves the youth then you must submit a background check prior to training (due to the nature of working with children). The participant is responsible for obtaining and submitting the background check. We also have a reputable third party service that we use. This provides you with a way to request your background check online, and it is sent directly to us (a small fee is involved). 
If you are currently working with the youth then we will need a letter of recommendation from the agency that you currently work for. This is required before you receive your certification. You may still register and begin classes, but the requested information must be provided before we will provide you with your certification.