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Attention Future Coach:

Discover Your Divine Calling: Embrace Life Coaching as Your God-Given Mission!

Be the Guiding Light and Release Your Purpose to Empower Others. You're Destined for Greatness as a Life Coach.

Whether You're Starting from Scratch, Looking to Enhance Your Existing Coaching Skills, or Seeking a Fulfilling Second Career, Our Programs are Designed to Meet You Where You Are. Take a Leap of Faith, Not Only for Yourself, But for Those You'll Inspire and Empower in the Future.

Harness Your Heart to Serve, Unleash Your Potential, Answer God's Call, and Inspire Change. Your Life Coaching Journey Starts Here!

Get Started on This Divine Path and Let Your Faith Shape Your Actions. Together, Let's Transform Lives with Purpose, Passion, and Service!

Learn How to Get Paid Doing What You Love To Do, Economy Proof Your Income, Help Others Radically Transform Their Lives, And Build A Successful Coaching Practice, All From The Comfort Of Your Home, Office, Or Favorite Place To Relax! Our Life Transforming Programs Work Around Your Lifestyle. And You Can Train from Anywhere In The World Regardless Of Your Time Zone! 


Unleash Your Potential: Become an Empowered Life Coach and Make a Difference:

Are you passionate about making a meaningful impact in the lives of others? Do you have a burning desire to help people achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and live their dreams? At The CASE Institute, we specialize in empowering individuals like you to become extraordinary life coaches, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to make a positive difference and create a thriving coaching business.


Empower Others, Fulfill Your Purpose:

Imagine the joy and fulfillment of being a catalyst for transformation in the lives of your clients. As an empowered life coach, you have the incredible opportunity to guide individuals towards their goals, dreams, and highest potential. At The CASE Institute, our goal is to empower you to fulfill your own purpose by empowering others. 


The Importance of Character for Life Coaches:

Character is the essence of who we are as individuals and influences our actions, choices, and interactions with others. As a life coach, your character plays a crucial role in building trust, establishing rapport, and creating a safe space for your clients to open up and grow. By embodying qualities such as integrity, empathy, authenticity, and respect, you inspire your clients and set a positive example.

Your character serves as a foundation for effective coaching, enabling you to guide, inspire, and positively impact the lives of others. When clients see your character reflected in your actions and words, they are more likely to feel comfortable, understood, and motivated to make positive changes.


The Importance of Self-Esteem for Life Coaching Clients:

Building self-esteem is crucial for clients of life coaches as it empowers them to achieve their goals and dreams. When individuals have healthy self-esteem, they gain enhanced confidence and resilience, allowing them to face challenges and embrace new possibilities. Self-esteem also leads to clearer goal setting and motivation, enabling clients to pursue their aspirations with determination. Additionally, it fosters a healthy self-image and self-worth, empowering clients to establish boundaries, make informed decisions, and attract positive opportunities.

By overcoming limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations, individuals with increased self-esteem can unlock their full potential and create the lives they desire. Overall, self-esteem is a cornerstone of personal growth and achievement, making it essential for life coaches to help clients build and nurture their self-esteem.


Transform Lives, Inspire Success:

Our training curriculum is designed to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to be an amazing coach who ignites success in others. We will teach you powerful techniques for helping your clients overcome obstacles, break through limitations, and achieve their goals and dreams. By mastering the art of active listening, powerful questioning, and goal-setting, you will be able to guide your clients on their journey to success and fulfillment.


Build a Thriving Coaching Business:

Your passion for coaching should translate into financial abundance and entrepreneurial success. We provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and resources to start and grow a thriving coaching business. You will learn how to attract your ideal clients, create impactful coaching programs, and confidently charge what you're worth, allowing you to make a positive impact while generating additional income.


Start Your Journey Today:

Are you ready to unleash your potential, fulfill your purpose, and create a life and business that aligns with your passion for empowering others? If you answered "yes," it is time for you to take the first step towards becoming an extraordinary life coach. Join the coaching family at The CASE Institute and begin your journey of transformation, empowerment, and success.

You Have A Mentor Who Is There to Inspire, Motivate and Support You. She is Dedicated to Your Success.
Dr. Shauntel's Promise to You!
Here is her personal promise to you. "I will serve you in any way that I can so that you can achieve your dream of becoming a certified coach. I will provide you with all of the inspiration and information that I can to help you be successful. I am your success partner. I am dedicated to assisting you with closing the gap of where you are currently at in your life and where you desire to be.
"I am here to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a certified coach and being a world changer. I too have blasted through many barriers in my life. Through faith I have been blessed to turn my dreams into reality, and I want to help you to turn your dreams into reality too. I understand and I care.
Here is just a slight glimpse into my personal journey. I have been a single struggling mother of 5. I have had to work at one point three jobs at a time just to make ends meet. I have worked hour after hour only to leave my job unfulfilled and unsatisfied. And I have had so much up against me at one point that I thought success was for everyone else except for me.
To be honest I got sick and tired of living an unfulfilled life. The final straw for me was after many, many years of dedicated service to my employer. I was blindsided with the unexpected loss of my job as a corporate nurse. In the midst of the tears I thought there has got to be more to my purpose than this.
After becoming a statistic due to corporate downsizing I had to literally create a mind shift that has provided me with success tools and strategies. Through God's grace, faith, hard work, and determination, I have achieved a fulfilling life. And I want to help you achieve a fulfilling life as well.
I am here to support and encourage you all of the way! Through faith I have flipped the switch toward success (success to me is living a happy, fulfilled, and rewarding life making a difference), and I am here to guide you to do the same thing. I know that what I have made it through has positioned me in my purpose to help others.
If you are ready for transformation in your life then I invite you to review our training programs. Don't put off any longer what you deserve now."
Peace, Blessings, and Success,
Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez
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