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Read Our Rave Reviews (Testimonials)
Thank you for taking time out to read some of our wonderful testimonials! We wish that we could list them all. Some of our coaches have started coaching practices, and others have integrated coaching into their careers, or ministries. We celebrate the success of them all!
We truly appreciate everyone that we have been privileged to serve! Whether your testimonial is listed or not we read them all, and we thank you! For the seminar testimonials we have refrained from displaying the full name for personal privacy.
We are blessed and honored to have coaches in Australia, Canada, China, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Egypt, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Quebec, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. Maarten, the United Kingdoms, and all throughout the United States!
Words From Our Family of Coaches  :  

"The convenience of  the study program and the personal coaching is a blessing. The way that Dr. Shauntel spends time with you and shares her expertise is a huge benefit. There were times I wasn't sure I could do it and she believed in me, and helped me to believe in myself. My confidence has gone to the next level. I am excited for my next phase."

Tisha (Florida)


I work a job that is not very fulfilling, and I literally dread going in every day. I know there is more that I would love to be doing. I love working with girls and I mentor them at church. I am so happy to have found The CASE Institute. I have already completed a girl's workshop that was a hit. I feel empowered and equipped to follow my passion, and I hope to do it full time one day."

Kelly, J. (Nevada) 


"I was laid off from work and God put it on my heart to become a life coach. I have been coaching but needed proper training and certification. After a lot of research I decided to enroll with The CASE Institute and I am glad I did. I learned so much about life coaching and myself. And Dr. Shauntel knows her stuff! She is also a woman of faith and prayed for me and my family during a tough situation. She is a wonderful trainer and mentor. I feel like I am fully equipped to be a great life coach!"

B. L. (California)


"The CASE Institute was the best decision I have made regarding my career advancement as well as personal growth. The curriculum is thoroughly presented. Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez uncovers a vast of information in a timely and understandable method of delivery. The program has catapulted my life and my professional life into the fourth dimension. I have inclided The CASE Institute in my investment budget for the next several years. I will be enrolling in all of the classes that Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez has available."

Sherri Wyatt-Welch (Florida)


"When I called to inquire about the program Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez was so sweet, humble, and very professional. She displayed all that I was looking for in learning about becoming a coach. I love all of the information I learned, the structure of the modules, just so much taught to help us be the best coach we can be. You can tell Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is very passionate about what she does."

Shameka Davis (Indiana)


"I love the practical information and the MP3 teaching that helps those who like the classroom/instructor setting feel as if they are in a classroom/teacher setting."

April Beckles (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)


"I decided to register with The CASE Institute because I could tell from both the tone, message, plus numerous testimonials, this course was a fit for my lifestyle and my approach to coaching. I could tell Dr. Shauntel loves what she does and puts her heart into teaching the programs. This is obvilusly a "labor of love!"

Colleen Turney (Canada)


"I am proud to be a soon graduate and I have tremendous respect for Dr. Shauntel as a teacher, coach and powerful business woman!"

Karen Brissenden (Ontario, Canada)


"Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez was available and very willing to help in any way possible. The fact that she was prompt to reply to emails and questions amazed me. I was very impressed with the assignments. I learned so much and I am excited about where God is about to take me with this Life Coaching Ministry. I pray that God continues to bless this Institute because it has truly blessed me."

Fredniki King-White (Jackson, MS)  


"I attempted to complete another coach training program only to end up feeling frustrated and confused because there were so many students, and the support wasn't provided as expected. I gave up for over a year and then I decided to try again, and I am so glad that I did. I can now say that I am a Certified Life Coach! What a great feeling. This program helped me to feel alive again and it helped me to feel like I have purpose. I know that everything that happened with my first program helped me to find The CASE Institute. I know that Dr. Shauntel could charge a lot more for her program but I can tell that she wants to make it affordable for many and I hope she gets blessed tremendously for her big heart to serve!" 

Kelly P. (Florida) 


"Everything is done with care and integrity towards the student. One can feel the positive energy and passion the way the knowledge is shared. You sense the enthusiasm and openness of the lecturer and her readiness to be of help. Her faith, experience and personal experience made the training course unique to become a blessing for the students. There are many useful tips and insights to consider over and over again for the future practice as a certified coach."

Yerevan, Armenia
"I love The CASE Institute. I knew being a coach was my calling, but I didn't know how to bring it all together. I feel so excited and confident as a coach. This program was worth three times the amount I paid, and the personal guidance that Dr. Shauntel gives is very valuable. I am not currently working at a job that I feel is my calling, but now I am even happier on my job because I am doing what makes me smile. Even though I am new to coaching I really feel like I can leave my job soon, because things are going great! Thank you CASE Institute and Dr. Shauntel"
Lisa M. (California)
"I heard about The CASE Institute from an associate at a Social Work Conference. I loved the website along with the online option of pursuing dual certifications. The CASE Institute's programs were extremely informative, and presented the material in a user friendly manner. It was very cost effective, and found the staff to be readily available at any time. I would highly recommend this program to all who wish to pursue their dream of becoming a life coach."
Steve Gutman (Southfield, Michigan)  
"This program was very structured to get you ready to walk into the coaching field, and be very successful."
Wyneka Thomas (Nashville, TN)
"During my training program I was hit hard by a unexpected family crisis. I can't thank Dr. Shauntel enough for the encouragement she gave me. She really cares. She helped me to stay on course and complete my goal. This was not just about coach training for me but it was also about me surviving one of the most difficult times of my life. Now I am in a great position to help others survive challlenging times too. There are many coach training school out there. But I am grateful for the personal touch The CASE Institute gives. Dr. Shauntel is a coach too and that in itself was worth eveything I invested in my program."
Maria L. (Arizona)
"I made a long list of exactly what I was looking for in a program before I even went online to look. I loved plenty about the program when I registered (the time effectiveness, the affordability, the payment plan option, dual certification options, no campus residency required), but what i loved most I discovered after I registered. The school is supportive, so flexible, and so reasonable to work with that I did not for one moment question my choice. The CASE Institute is exactly where I was supposed to land."
Kimberly Townson (Elmira, New York)
"Dr. Shauntel was helpful, quick to respond to questions, and transmitted genuine care, which made it feel like you were not alone, despite the flexibility to work at your own pace and time!"
Evelyn Flores (Carson City, NV)
"I am a Naturopathic Doctor and a H.H.P. and I was interested in learning the coaching field to include in my practice. I was very impressed with the way everything was explained to me."
Dr. Nina Shapir (Brooklyn, NY)
"Apart from the training to become a coach, The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute develops you in your personal life. You feel so empowered that you begin to see possibilities in your life. I would recommend anyone to The CASE Institute who wants to help others with proper, workable coaching skills at the same time developing themselves."
Simon Kuuzadombo (United Kingdoms)
"I feel The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute provides so many opportunities to begin a business or further your life coach practice along. The CASE Institute really opened my eyes to my potential in this field God has been leading me to."
Carrie Hendriks (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada)
"I have a extremely busy schedule so after setting the intention to get my life coach certification, I wasn't sure how I was going to fit yet another thing into my life. The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute made it easy for me to work at my own pace, while keeping me informed and engaged. Dr. Shauntel is always there to answer any questions I have and to encourage me along the way, and that was not something I found when researching other similar programs. This program has fully prepared me to live my passion and help others to live theirs." 
Faye A. Armstrong (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) www.fayeaarmstrong.com
"The CASE Institute was flexible and you were given ample time to complete assignments. Also I liked listening to the recordings because I could get a better understanding about what I had to read. While I was going through the program I was able to learn some things about myself that will help me to help others. If you are looking for a great coaching program, The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute is for you. Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is great!"
Mary Martin (Frisco, Texas) 
"I highly recommend The CASE Institute's certification program because of the flexibility of learning on my own time, supportive staff and thorough program content."
Jennifer Marshall (Blairsville, PA)
"Each lesson was explained thoroughly and I recommend one listen to audios, both made it easy for me to understand, and it challenged me to think outside of my comfort zone when it came to my lessons. It literally walked me through every aspect of coaching step by step. It taught me how to set up my own business and how to market it. I was so impressed with the course I couldn't stop talking about it. There are already a couple of people who are interested in taking the course."
Pastor Linda Kemp (Minneapolis, MN)
"What I loved the most about The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute was the ability to obtain my certification online, as well as the various online certifications that were available to me. The site was easy to navigate and the cost of obtaining my certification was quite reasonable. The modules were sent like clock-work every Monday morning and were easy to read, follow and understand. I also loved the fact that each lesson was accompanied by an audio of the lesson, this was extremely helpful. I would recommend The CASE Institute to anyone who is considering obtaining their certification as a Life Coach. They will not be disappointed."
Dildra Martin-Ogburn, Ph.D. (Miramar, FL) www.shatteringimages.org
"I wanted to pursue becoming a life coach in a unique way. I wanted to create a faith-based program that would be beneficial to those who wanted to allow God to be the head of their business. I had to find my niche...to finally walk in the passion that has been locked inside for so long. I do not know how to accurately express my excitement when I found the program. I could finally pursue my passion, and help others in a Godly way, without being preachy, but having a business that is based on Godly principles, while bringing others to see their present and future in brighter lights than ever before. I am sharing this information with other women who want to do this. It is truly a blessing."
Zenobia L. Silas-Carson (Brooklyn Center, MN)
I would recommend The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute to anyone because of it's flexibility to complete the program from anywhere. There was helpful and needed information and prompt response from the director. I was given a prophesy of accomplishing my coaching career this year, only faith would make me believe, but thanks to The CASE Institute for making my dreams come true. "
Alatise Olayinka (Alakuko Logos, Nigeria)
"I have learned a lot through my certification with The CASE Institute. My new skills have helped me in my own personal life and I can see that they are making a difference in the lives of my clients as well. Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is very pleasant to work with and she responded to all of my questions in a timely manner." 
Keysha Chester (Grand Prarie, TX)
"I would recommend The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute to others because of the education and background the founder has. The program was very user friendly and easy to understand. Also, Dr. Shauntel was available to answer all questions I had immediately."
Elaine Magnone (Dobbs Ferry, NY) www.talkaboutpassion.com
"I loved how personable the instructor was. She made me feel as though I had no silly questions and that I could reach her any time. She made me feel important as though I wasn't getting lost within the shuffle of students. Typically when the class is too large it is hard for the instructor to focus on all of the students, they must be general and that can make things harder to learn. I can assure you that with The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute you will not be neglected."
Jenny Da Silva (Mt. Bethel, PA)
"What I loved the most about The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute was the ability to obtain my certification online rather that sitting in a classroom. I also loved that there are advanced coaching programs offered so I was able to specialize in a specific area that is meaningful to me. The ability to make smaller monthly payments for the course was also extremely helpful and I love that I was able to receive my certification before my final payments were made. During the course of the program every question I had was answered quickly and thoroughly by Dr. Shauntel via email. I would definitely recommend The CASE Institute to anyone who dreams of becoming a coach."
Kendy Sproul (Prineville, OR) www.womenstransformationalcoaching.com
"Shauntel is an amazing instructor and her classes are very in-depth. You learn something in every module that you can apply toward your own life, and going through the classes helped me to actually be coached myself. I didn't realize it at the time but the exercises that you do really help you as a student to be coached as well. I took so much away that I can apply towards my business and personal life, that I can't even begin to explain. This has been the most rewarding school I have been to. I am very thankful I found this school and took the classes, and I hope anyone with any questions just contact Shauntel and speak with her. You will understand more once you talk to her. Her services have been a blessing to me, and I hope to inspire and bless others the same. I would like to extend a big thank you to Shauntel and The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute."   
Tiffany (Dickerson) Kincaid (Parkersburg, WV) www.cloudninelifecoaching.org
"Dr. Shauntel's program is very thorough and I loved the personalization of her program. She is so professional and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone interested in life coaching. I am seeking other certifications from Dr. Shauntel in the future."
LaQuita Lewis (Dallas, Texas) www.lifestylemotivationaldiva.com
"Because Dr. Shauntel has a lot of experience in coaching and working with youth clients. I would recommend taking this program. Dr. Shauntel is a good, encouraging and patient teacher, always ready to answer all of the questions and explain things. After taking this course I feel truly prepared to be a youth coach! The course material is very comprehensive and touching on a variety of situations and issues that might come up in the process of coaching youth, yet in-depth and well expounded on."
Eva Berger (Sant' Elia, Italy)
"I loved the program. Dr. Shauntel was amazing through her correspondences. Not only did she get back with me quickly when I had a question she was incredibly inspiring!!! I feel this program has given me all of the skills I need to be a successful coach."
Tracey Graham (Middletown, NJ)
"The CASE Institute is thorough and exemplary in its methods and feedback. The integrity and the expertise displayed in the life coaching exercises are beneficial, thought provoking and inspiring. The program is definitely a step in the right direction."
LaDonna Cooper  (Roanoke Rapids, NC)
"I am grateful to God for the knowledge and tools that have been provided to me."
Yolanda Hagins-Author of "Confessions From A Broken Place, Her Story His Glory" (Hackensack, NJ) www.nelashee.com
"I wanted to learn how to help others through a Christian company and your website really stood out to me. You have some great information to share to equip a person to be able to coach others."
Melissa Marks (Dawson Creek, British Columbia)
"Although this was an online program I never felt alone. I remained in close contact with Dr. Shauntel who made herself available anytime I needed her. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a life coach."
Gennifer Saul (Munich, Germany)
"Believing in myself was something I struggled with for a long time. After years of emotional abuse I found the strength to pick up the broken pieces and move on. I began to try to find my purpose in life. I felt a spark when I found The CASE Institute's website. I know my purpose is to be a life coach and help others live joyfully. The way Dr. Shauntel kept me inspired was remarkable. She has a gift to see the best in those she teaches and mentors. I know I will make a difference and give back just like she does. As a single mother I was glad to be able to complete online classes around my schedule. That was pivotal in my succeeding in the program. So many people tell me that something has changed in me. And I can honestly say that completing my training through The CASE Institute has made me a new woman full of confidence and purpose. Thank you Dr. Shauntel."
Name Kept Confidential
"I loved the accessibility with my online classes and the freedom to work at my own pace. Also the wealth of knowledge I acquired in the timeframe that we had. Overall I will it!"
Patricia Evers (South Reward, St. Maarten) www.facebook.com/inspire2life
"I looked at flexibility and affordable coaching schools for quite some time, and I am pleased that I found The CASE Institute. Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is a very uplifting person, and she is great to have as a trainer. She took her time to answer my questions thoroughly. I also found the curriculum to be well presented and full of critical information for a new coach." 
Shauna Schinderwolf (East Hampton, CT)
"I love the fact that you can work at your own pace with the online class format, but even though you are working on your own you are not by yourself."
Mario Hood (Altamonte Springs, FL) www.mariohood.com
"The CASE Institute is the best place to get training from! I loved that I could do anything from anywhere in the world. My current lifestyle involves traveling with my husband. Dr. Shauntel is very understanding and extremely helpful. She is always just a email away, and that is very comforting when embarking upon a new career. I love how personable she is and it exudes from the website and her emails. The program has not only prepared me to be confident in my coaching business, but it has also helped me personally. It helped me address some issues so that I could be at a place to help others. This was the best decision that I have made in a long time!"
Shineka, Karim (Powder Springs, GA) www.shinekakarim.com  
"The CASE Institute has proven to be thorough and concise. For those who work or travel, and still desire to obtain their coaching certification. The CASE Institute is the perfect match for you. The wisdom of years of coaching is noticeable in the little things; questions, thought processes, and marketing knowledge. I would take the course again with The CASE Institute, with no hesitation. I feel equipped, trained and supported on every venture. Thank you CASE Institute."
Linda Marrone (Frisco, TX) www.integralife.net
"I e-mailed The CASE Institute, and was immediately replied to. This showed me there was a level of interest and gave me a level of confidence that if I needed it, help would be there, and it was."

Nancy Vaval (Laurelton, NY) http://www.amazon.com/Goddess-Girls-Guide-Lifes-Lesson/dp/1432784218
"After thoroughly looking at the website I decided that The CASE Institute would be a program I would like to take part in, and it had a program specifically for girl's self-esteem coaching. I highly recommend The CASE Institute to anyone who is thinking of a career in coaching. The online program was ideal since I live out of the country and could complete the assignments at my convenience. Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez was very kind and supportive to my needs while I was enrolled in the program."
Carrie Burk (Newton One, Singapore)
"The program provided a solid foundation with an opportunity for continued education. The cost was affordable. I have already recommended it to other people."
Deborah L. Davis, Ed.D. (Columbus, Georgia) www.coachedtotriumph.com
"The CASE Institute offered the convenience of an online program that I could do at my own pace. It was the first school that I felt I had a personal connection with. Overall the program was high-quality and affordable. I got more in return for my investment than I anticipated!"
Clinique Williams (Sioux City, Iowa)
"Before I began my coach training program I felt really insecure and timid about my ability to help others succeed because of some things that I had been through in my life. When I began my training at The CASE Institute I felt my self-esteem increase almost immediately. I now feel very confident in my ability and skills to help others succeed. I would recommend The CASE Institute for anyone who needs to feel better about their life, and their ability to be a great coach. Dr. Shauntel truly made a difference in my life and I will never be the same person ever again."
Name Kept Confidential
"The personal contact I received won me over! I loved being able to work at my own pace. Working online was really convenient for me as well. Shauntel was very wonderful and caring. I appreciated the encouragement she gave me. I wanted a more personal and intimate place to work rather than a very large place where I would be just another number."
Mary Kathryn Marcom (Jonesboro, Arkansas) www.lifecoacharkansas.com
"I would recommend The CASE Institute to anyone who needs a flexible program designed to provide the training necessary to obtain coaching credentials at a reasonable price, and requiring minimal time commitment. It has been a pleasure participating in the training, and it is set up to be very user friendly and efficient in every way."
Sandi Posey (Austin, Texas) www.enlightenmychild.net
"I would recommend this program to others, and I have already passed this information to others."
Monique Gee (Lithonia, GA)
"The appeal of the CASE Institute was the "warm" feeling that I got when reading through its website. After searching many programs none made me feel the desire to be a part of it's family as I did when I found the CASE Institute's program. I like the personal approach it delivered, its concern in working closely with students throughout the training program. This impressed upon me that it was an institute that would have a true personal interest in seeing the students succeed, not just a cold training program that simply provided instructions and left the student on their own. I would recommend the CASE Institute because of the ease in the learning process; the class materials were comprehensive and delivered with clarity.
The direct and immediate one on one access to the instructor throughout the program was key in assuring that I had a clear understanding of the content of each of the weekly modules. The instructor was always very personable, upbeat and encouraging which made "going back to school" a fun experience and enabled me to push forward in spite of any problems that might have arisen. The program not only teaches life coaching skills, but also teaches how to set up and market your own business."
Carol Burton (Vincentown, NJ)
"The Character and Self-Esteem Institute equips you to become a life coach. The program doesn't just offer you the business and it doesn't just offer you theories of coaching. It adequately covers both so that when you graduate you truly feel like you are equipped to begin coaching right away."
Carrie Clark (Orlando, Florida)
"I loved the teleclass and everything was done to accommodate me. I found a blessing of working with those that didn't have a liberal heart when it came to the ways to coach a heart to grow. There is one way and one way only to grow and that is to love and know you are loved by the Father. There doesn't have to be a denomination but there has to be love. That is represented here!"
Youth Pastor Mark Farrell (Davenport, IA)
"The Character and Self-Esteem Institute provided quite a few learning opportunities which could not be found in competing programs. What I loved about The CASE Institute was the price and flexibility. Although I chose to complete the Independent Study Program I never felt like I was alone."
Adrian Chance (Charlottesville, VA)
"The class was convenient and tuition reasonable. Enjoyed the program.
Sharnell Watts (New Britain, CT) www.launchoutandpursue.com
"The Character and Self-Esteem Institute made me feel like I was part of the family. They answered my all of my questions in plenty of time. I enjoyed talking with the coach/trainer. I had a great experience!"
Berlina Baudin (Hollywood, Florida) www.papiyoninc.org
"The Character and Self-Esteem Institute was something that I wanted to incorporate into the ministry I was already doing. Plus I felt it was a great add-on for my future radio programs and conferences. The materials were laid out beautifully and very easy to understand, yet answered all of my questions before I even asked them. It is Christian based yet anyone would benefit from the materials regardless of their religion. I would HIGHLY recommend these courses."
Rev. Tammie Arnim (Bothell, WA) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kroezesisters
"The good thing about my program was the self-study element. Plus the materials of the course is exactly what you need in real life."
Yousif  BaniHammad (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
"As a wife, mother, working full time job, running a women's Christian ministry, my time is very valuable and I don't always have time to spend on the phone for Christian Life Coach training. I needed the flexibility of not just learning the lessons, but the financial flexibility as well, and The CASE Institute granted me just that. The support and assistance with achieving my goals was just what I needed. I did not feel overwhelmed with the lessons, and when I had a question Shauntel answered them quickly, even though it was via email. I recommend The CASE Institute for they will help you achieve your goals with flexibility of your schedule."
Alissa Lynn Griffith (Pittsburgh, PA) www.womenliving4jesus.org

" I loved how the course material was real-world applicable and thorough. I feel completely prepared not only to start coaching, but to start my business!"

Christa Amari  (Sparks, Nevada)



"What I love about The CASE Institute is the wealth of information given and the ease of being able to contact someone when needed. The program itself is life changing because it makes you look at your life differently. I recommend that others register because this is a real course that is real life changing. They actually care about your success during the program and even after-wards." 
Sanerica Gipson (Shreveport, La)



"The coach certification program at The CASE Institute was AMAZING! It was full of useful information, step by step examples, and hands on learning. I feel that it equipped me to successfully coach others and operate a successful business. Mentor Coach/Trainer Shauntel Peak-Jimenez was knowledgeable, motivating and genuinely desired my coaching success, thank you! "

Tiffany Baker  (McKinney, Texas) www.excelinstitute.net



"When I took the program at The CASE Institute I not only learned how to tap into others more effectively, but I also was able to tap into some areas of my own life, that identified my qualification I was unsure about. It was a God-given answer!"

P.L.T. (Chesterfield, Indiana)



"I loved the teaching and the trainer, Shauntel is wise, knowledgeable and energetic on the subject of coaching. And she makes you feel really comfortable!"

Sheronda Oridge (St. Paul, MN)



"I love Shauntel's obvious genuine passion for helping others achieve personal success. She made the training very personal, practical and accessible! I would highly recommend The CASE Institute to someone who is looking to improve their coaching skills and gain valuable insight"

Keri McCall (Director for Teen Parents Succeeding -Syracuse, Indiana)



"I loved the passion the trainer showed for our individual success with the coaching program. Her knowledge of the materials and ways to utilize it for our business or ministries was AWESOME. Her method of making the course informational, interesting and fun was excellent! Her confidence in our ability to be successful was very encouraging!"

Minister Lola McGregor (Muncie, Indiana)



The CASE Institute not only taught me how to become a successful life coach, but it also allowed me to look inside my own life. I walked out as if I was an assignment and it will not be complete until my goal is reached. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez has a true passion and desire to pour into others the knowledge that God has given her. I have a different focus, thanks!"

Leah Miller  (Frankfort, Indiana)



Testimonials from the International Coaching Summit (Dr. Shauntel was a speaker/instructor):


"Shauntel uses her knowledge, combined with a ton of experience and -BAM!- lives are transformed. If you have the chance to learn from Dr. Peak-Jimenez, do not debate it. Just do it. Do to her increasing popularity, to debate it means to lose your spot."

Mackenzie Pearce


"Thought you were great at the summit. I took your class. Thanks again"

 Sharon Allen


"Awesome class it is just what I need. I will implement one thing today that you shared, and apply it to my life." Thank you for giving of yourself it was greatly appreciated."

Tracy Watson


Women's Empowerment Coaching Seminar/Workshop Testimonials (Held at Anderson University):

 This is only a small representation of all of the testimonials that were received.


"This seminar touched me in a special way! It made me realize that whatever my goals and dreams are not to give up, but to believe in them. I feel so inspired to make great things happen in my life. Shauntel is a world changer. She truly cares about helping other women be successful!"



"I just wanted to say that this was the best motivational seminar I had ever been to in my life. This has given me dreams and hope that I can do anything, I set my mind to do! I have had so many let downs in my life, but listening to you let me know that there is nothing that I can't do! There is nothing in life that God and I can't handle. Thank you!"



"After today's experience, it has encouraged me to want to live the best life that I can possibly live."



"You are the voice for today's women young and old. Revealing to us it's never to late to reach our goals and dreams was awesome! You are a great motivator!"



"After the session I can't believe how empowered I feel. I am glad that my friend told me about this seminar. I feel that I am walking away from this a better person."



"Shauntel delivered clear, tangible steps on how to achieve goals and break through obstacles that hold us back."



"Shauntel is an inspiration to all women. Her positive energy and spirit shines with each step she makes toward her journey in telling her story."



Feedback from the Women of Purpose (WOPP) Party, Held at the Event Center at Davis Park (Anderson, Indiana):

This is only a small representation of all of the positive feedback that was received.


"You have so much energy, excitement and passion. You sure got me fired up for success!"

"I will not give up on my dreams. Thanks to some things that you said today."

"You are an awesome woman of faith. Please don't stop doing the work of God. He is using you in a mighty way."

"I couldn't hold back the tears. This really touched home."

"Thank you for helping me to realize I do have purpose."

"This was very inspirational."

"I loved hearing your personal stories."

"You are a great speaker. All I can say is wow!"

"I came and didn't really know what to expect. And I am leaving feeling like a new woman!"

"Thank you for all of the priceless information, and for the tips we can continue to use at home."