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Success Articles > Staying Positive In the Midst of the Storms


So many times people are stuck in the rut of being discouraged because of the storms they are going through. So often we don’t take the time to think about the fact that there is somebody who is going through something much worse than we are. There is someone out there who would gladly trade places with us. No matter what we are going through it could always be worse, so we should always try to stay grateful, no matter how bad the storms seem.
There are far too many people walking around in defeat and I am even guilty of having done so myself. I had to train myself not to be discouraged about the cards of life that I had been dealt, because someone else has been dealt a worse hand. Through it all I had to learn to think positive during the storms of life and believe that one day my rainbow would come.
I used to look at other people and wonder why positive things seemed to happen for them and not for me, but as soon as I decided to change my mindset, that changed my life!  I had to get it clear in my mind that if I decided to work hard at obtaining my goals and refused to quit regardless of my storms that great thing would happen for me too.
I also decided to find the potential in my problems and the purpose in my pain. No matter how bad things seem there is something good that can come out of every storm. Even if it is something small, it can lead to big dreams. I remember when my mom passed away I thought that I would never emotionally make it through that sad season in my life, but now I use her memory and the inspiration that she instilled in me, as empowerment to do great things!  I decided not to let her passing break me, but to let it make me.  And you have the power and strength to do the same thing, if you just remember that it could be worse, and that you can make it!
We have the choice to determine how the storms in our lives will affect us. Will they always produce dark clouds or will they always produce a rainbow?  It is up to you! You have to make it up in your mind that you will stay positive through it all, and think about the greatness that will be produced from your storms.
It is not easy to make it through the storms and that is why we can’t do it alone. First, we need God for he is always shelter from the storm, and then we need a strong support system of people who will be our umbrella of love and care. It may not seem like it will get better when you are in the storm, but if you continue to think positive you will see one day, that you came out better and not bitter!
You will be also able to reach out to someone else who is going through a storm and let them know, that if they stay positive the winds may blow, but they will NOT get knocked down! When we look back at the storms in our lives we may wonder how we made it, but when we really look under the “I made it” microscope we can see that faith in God, and thinking positive brought us through.
We can look at the storms of yesterday, and see how they made us who we are today, and how they will help us grow tomorrow!