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When one is on the road to success it can be a long journey. It can happen quickly or it can happen not so quickly. The important thing to remember is that just because we don't see it happening, doesn't mean that it is not happening. Successful living means one being able to think beyond what one can see. Thinking beyond what one can see builds up a level of determination that creates drive. When we have drive that is what puts us in a better position to become successful.

We can say that success is driven by determination, but when we add faith to that it can take us to heights, that we couldn't even imagine we could reach. I often say that hard work and determination may take us to the top, but only God can keep us there. Faith can give us the extra power that we need to fight for our success.

We can take our success by FAITH, that is going into the future knowing that beyond a shadow of a doubt, regardless of how many obstacles and challenges come up against us, that in the end we will reach the success that we so much deserve. It is important to decide what success means to you, that is the needed foundation when striving to become successful. We may all have different meanings of success, but we all must know that through hard work, perseverance and faith success can be achieved!



S-Stop and pray often for success strength

U-Use your God-given gifts

C-Challenge yourself to reach your goals

C-Continue to work hard

E-Even when it looks like it won't happen...keep PUSHING

S-Strive to thrive

S-Say successful and powerful words to yourself often