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Success Articles > Becoming Determined to Succeed in the Midst of Challenges

We have all had to face challenges in our lives that we felt was more than we could handle. I have faced many major challenges, and one was losing my mother in 2001. But one of the painful challenges that I faced recently was the untimely passing of my 2 week old grandson.

He was born 12/17/2009 and passed 12/30/2009. The reason that I am writing this article is because I know that there are many people who face challenging situations and may feel like they can’t make it through. So I just wanted to let you know that you can make it!
Part of making it through is developing a mindset to persevere. It is a fact that some of our challenges are very painful. I experienced that with the passing of my mother and my grandson, but we don’t have to let challenges or pain destroy us spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically, and I know that is not what my mother or grandson would want for my family.
Part of persevering includes having a plan to succeed. By succeed I don’t mean financially, I mean personal success. I am one that puts a lot of emphasis on personal success because from my point of view it is necessary for us to be successful in other areas of our life.
When I talk about personal success, I mean succeeding personally! As a brief overview I mean thinking that you can do it…then doing it (whatever your it is), without letting anything or anyone stand in your way!
Working toward personal success takes a lot of dedication and determination! If most of us would be honest we would probably admit that sometimes when we are going through a rough time, giving up seems like an easy thing to do. But when we develop a mentality that giving up is not an option, it can allow us to become motivated to achieve our goals and dreams, and total personal success.
Think about this for a moment. Has there ever been a time in your life where you wanted to quit, but you found that mustard seed of faith so you keep pushing? How did that make you feel? Now think about this, if you did it once guess what? You can do it again!
 It is POSSIBLE!!!! And that is where developing a DTS-Determined to Succeed plan comes into play! Developing your DTS plan is not a complicated thing you simply write your challenge or struggle down, then list your motivators or reasons that you need to cope with or overcome your challenge, you can also write encouraging words to yourself, quotes or tips, revisit your DTS plan daily and set goals that are aligned with your DTS plan.
The way that I came up with the DTS plan was from losing my grandson.  One day after we laid him to rest I was crying my eyes out feeling very sad. After a few minutes had gone by I pulled my little notebook out of my purse and wrote I am DTS…Determined to Succeed. I jotted down positive words to myself, scriptures, all the reasons that I had to stay focused and all of the motivators. Anything that was going to help me I wrote it down!
For the most part I have always been a positive person, and I am a faith filled person, but when I developed my DTS plan it took things to another level, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. It was a key part of my blueprint for personal success!
There are 10 DTS tips that I am going to share with you. You can add more to your DTS plan and you can make your DTS plan custom for you and your challenge, but these were vital for me. So I hope that they will help you in some way as well.
1.      Realize that our purpose is greater than our pain.
2.      Understanding that no matter how big our challenges are God is bigger.
3.      When you are going through a rough time surround yourself with family and friends who love you and keep you motivated.
4.      When you hear defeat knocking on the door send victory to answer!
5.      When someone passes that we love we should let their life overshadow their death.
6.      Try to see the rainbow even while you are in the storm.
7.      Look in the mirror and see what you want to be from the inside out.
8.      Speak positive words into your life and cancel negative thoughts.
9.      Don’t forget the 4 Ps-Push, Pray, Press and Persevere!
10. Cry if you have too, it is ok! It doesn’t make you weak; you don’t have to have a “SS” on your chest to show everyone that you are “Super Survivor!” You are human and things hurt, and there are times when you just feel like you are going to cry a river full of tears, so if you do remember that it is ok!
Those 10 tips are not everything that we need to overcome struggles and challenges that we face, but they can be a good foundation. Through this article it is my goal to encourage and support you. I know that no words can ever ease some of the challenges, pain and obstacles that you face. But please know that you can make it!
This article was written in loving memory of Yvonne W. Peak and Kevin Peak Jr.