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Success Articles > Repositioning and Reinventing Yourself for Success

In today’s economy you may have to reposition yourself for success. When you reposition yourself you take a look at your current financial situation and you compare it to where you desire to be. And then you develop an action plan to take you from where you are currently at in your life to your destination point. This may mean digging down deep to find your strengths and talents, returning back to school or making that dream that has been lying dormant in your heart for years a reality.

It is possible to recover from not so positive financial circumstances. I call these “Bounce Back Strategies.” You are making a decision to bounce back into the woman or man that once dreamed….and dreamed BIG! You are bouncing back from settling for a “good enough life!” You deserve so much….and repositioning yourself for success and bouncing back are two of the things that you deserve! How can I possibly know that? Because you are reading this article, and I am confident that by now something that I have written has inspired you.

 I am living proof that these strategies can work!  I am not saying that it will happen overnight, but with dedication and commitment it can happen! Any time you are on the journey to making your dreams a reality there are challenges and circumstances that you may have to overcome. We all face the blocks and stops, but the key here is to control your challenges and not let them control you.  I am simply saying that there are things that you have to conquer and control to achieve the life that you want…the life that you deserve.

When you are repositioning yourself for success you may need to examine different areas of your life. This can be done by asking yourself if there are any areas in your life that you can reinvent. And what I mean by reinvent is simply igniting your gifts and talents to create additional streams of income.

For instance listing some areas that you may have skills in that can bring in some extra income, or be your primary stream of income. Do you sew? Can you cook? Are you good at event planning or can you landscape like no other? These questions can get the ball rolling on things that you are naturally good at, things that you can excel at with minimal effort and possibly generate income. This may seem like a daunting task, but more than likely it is something that you subconsciously have been working on for years. This can be a great strategy for succeeding in this economy, and creating space to make your dreams a reality.

Part of moving forward with repositioning and reinventing yourself may mean overcoming and conquering three F’s! There may be many other things, but sometimes if you can master the three F’s then you can master repositioning and reinventing yourself for success! The three F's that I am going to focus on are listed below.


*Fear of change

Don’t be fearful of change! Remember that change can be great, especially if it is change that is helping you to be more successful! Don’t think of it so much as a change, but think of it as a positive transformation! Sometimes when we hear the word change we automatically freeze up because of the fear of the unknown that comes with the change. But if you say positive transformation that is a positive power statement that should make you feel ready to go!


*Fear of your dream not succeeding

The fear of your dream not succeeding can hold your dream hostage for years! Just make a plan, stick to it, and make it happen! The fact that you step out IN faith to make your dream happen is a HUGE success, so you have succeeding from the beginning. Then you work toward the big success. But celebrating the small successes can make you feel like your dream is a constant success.


*Fear of rejection from others

Wow this one can really make us stuck and stagnant! Not everyone is going to believe in our dreams and if they don’t that’s ok! That doesn’t mean that you agree and conform to what they feel! As long as you believe in your dream that is what matters! There is always going to be critics somewhere, but when you develop the mindset that critics don’t control your destiny then you feel empowered!  Remember for everyone who may reject you there are many, many others that believe in you and what you are empowered to do! Don’t let anyone control your destiny! And that in a sense is what we do if we allow the fear of rejection from others to prevent us from moving forward!