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Success Articles > 3 Step System to Design a Success Blueprint

Do you feel like you know the address to your destiny, but you are not quite sure how to get there? Are you ready to stop dreaming about being successful and ready to take the steps to make it happen? You CAN reach success by designing a success blueprint. There are many steps that you can include in designing your success blueprint, but I will give you three to help you get going. And then you can fine tune it with your own additional steps if you desire.

First of all let me explain something. When I am referring to success I am not speaking of your becoming rich or reaching a certain financial level. However, this may be part of your success plan, but I am referring to personal success. This is your feeling happy, content, peaceful and satisfied with who you are and where you are going.

When designing your success blueprint, it is going to be like a map. Only it is going to be a success map that it going to help you bridge the gap between where you are at, and where you DESERVE to be! Notice the word deserve; I emphasized deserve because it is important to understand that there is a certain success point in life that we all deserve to reach. Why? Because through faith you have believed and trusted that you will reach that point. You have invested in so many other things, and so many other people, and now it is your time. You have given and now it is time for you to receive.

So by understanding that there is a certain success point that you deserve to reach helps you to do two things. The first thing that it helps you to do is refusing to settle for less. The second thing that it does is it helps you stay motivated!

So now that we have gotten the foundation laid it is time to learn the steps that you can use to design your success blueprint. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. If you don't have a pen or paper handy feel free to print this off and work on your success blueprint when you have a free moment. Ok, here we go!

Step 1: Become Aware of Your Starting Point.

When you are becoming aware of your starting point you need to begin by defining what success is to you. Success means many different things to people. So it is important for you to have a clear definition of what success is.

This helps you to understand what is meaningful to you. Defining your success may be obtaining a college degree, feeling more confident, beginning a new career, obtaining a promotion, or spending more quality time with your children or family.

So define what your success is, and then after you have defined your success include the reason or reasons that achieving this success is important for you. Defining your success helps you to become aware of where you are currently at. It gives you a clear and concise starting point on your success blueprint.
Becoming aware of your starting point will include setting 1-3 goals that you want to achieve. This can include setting a major success goal, which is the main goal that you are working on and then list smaller success goals within the bigger success goal.

I will give you an example. Your success goal may be to obtain a college degree or a training certificate. Your mini success goals will be to decide the degree or certificate that you want to attain, determine what school you want to obtain your degree or certificate from, and then make contact with the school. So your mini success goals will look like small chunks of the big success goal. This can help things to not be so overwhelming.

When setting your success goals they need to be SMART. S-Specific (exactly what you want), M-Measurable (Make sure that you can see that you are making progress), A-Achievable or Attainable (Make sure that it is something that is within your power), R-Realistic (Is it a realistic goal? Hint setting unrealistic goals will only leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated), T-Timeframe (Put a timeframe on your goal. Determine a time that you will reach the goal, and stick to it! Your timeframe can be short-term and long-term).

Step 2: Design a breakthrough plan.

Write down 3 things that you are going to do when you are faced with challenges and obstacles. Having the power to breakthrough barriers is critical to your success. And is a very important part of your blueprint.

It is great to become aware of where you are at, and to get where you are going. But you should also have a breakthrough plan for anything that is standing in between you and your success.

Designing a breakthrough plan can be something as simple as meditating daily, reading something inspirational every morning, daily prayer, having the phone numbers handy of at least three people you can talk to if you feel like you are facing a challenge, or writing in a journal everyday about how important reaching your success is to you.

So as you can probably tell designing a breakthrough plan simply means that you are preparing in some way daily for any challenges or obstacles that may arise. If you have went to any of my websites, heard me speak or have read any of my articles. Then you know how passionate I am about helping people achieve breakthroughs.

Why? Because I have seen too many people give up in between where they are at, and where they deserve to be because of a challenge or obstacle. And another reason is because I have had to master overcoming challenges and obstacles in my own pursuit of success.


Step 3: Reward Yourself and Keep Going.

When you have reached that first success goal then reward yourself. You have earned it, and you deserve it. Take yourself to a nice lunch or dinner. Send yourself a congratulations card. Buy yourself that new outfit that you have been wanting. This is great for your confidence, and it can truly make you feel amazing!

When you look back and see that you made it that helps you to understand how much you deserve to reward yourself. Too many times we reward other people when they achieve goals, but we don't take the time out to reward ourselves.

When you have reached a goal then keep going! Making a commitment to keep going is probably one of the most important parts of your blueprint! You have mastered one level of success, but there are more levels that you deserve to achieve.

There are more goals that you have, and more goals that you should work on. When you make one accomplishment, don't look at it as the end of your success, but as the beginning. This should open the door to other things that you want to make happen in your life. So make a promise to yourself that you will keep going, and move on to your next great success!