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Success Articles > 20 Qualities of an Excellent Christian Coach

There are many qualities of a top Christian coach but this resource will list a few.

  1. Having the ability to focus on the individual and not the money
  2. Allowing God to be your life coach
  3. Praying and reading your Bible regularly
  4. Understanding that growth and change takes time
  5. Being attentive
  6. Living your life authentically
  7. You have the ability to communicate effectively
  8. Being insightful
  9. Being enthusiastic
  10. You have a warm and caring heart
  11. You are not judgmental
  12. You genuinely like people
  13. You are able to control simply giving advice
  14. You are able to respect the opinions of others
  15. You are not easily offended
  16. You realize the important of a healthy life balance
  17. You have a passion to help others grow
  18. You feel empowered to help others triumph
  19. You can be empathetic when you need to be
  20. You are open to creating programs and activities