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What does your life say about your words? You may be thinking what does that mean? It means exactly this. Is your life a reflection of what you are saying? Are you constantly speaking words of failure or are you constantly speaking words of success? Think for a moment about how your life is a reflection of your words.

Do you find yourself saying "I am a failure?" I can never do anything right." "I will never be successful." "Nothing good ever happens for me." "My life is miserable." Or are you saying "I am a success." I try and try until I succeed." My life is amazing, and regardless of what I go through. I will still find something to be thankful for."

Can you feel the difference in the words? It is extremely important to speak words that are inspiring and empowering. You should speak words that will direct your life in the way that you want it to go. Negative, demeaning and hurtful words are never acceptable, especially from your own mouth.

You should use words that make you smile. You should use words that inspire and motivate you to live a fulfilled life. You should use words that make you feel unstoppable. I understand that when you are facing a difficult time it may be hard to speak positive words, but the negative words are not going to make things better. You have to speak words of life into your life.

You are a wonderful and amazing person, and you were designed for greatness. And your words should support that. You may even see by now how your life may even be reflecting some words that you are speaking. That happens to a lot of us. It is an "ah ha" moment that many people are not aware of.

If you are using negative and defeating words about yourself you must stop immediately. You must replace those words with inspiring and empowering words. This will take practice, but it can be mastered.

Make a commitment that you will not use words to tear yourself, your dreams or your future down. And that you will only use words to build yourself up. This can make you feel better on the inside, and eventually that will show on the outside. Even if it only means that you are smiling more. It is worth it, and so are you.