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Success Articles > Are You Ready to Think Past Impossible?

Has the word impossible haunted you year after year and has blocked you from moving forward in your life? At times it is hard to comprehend how one ten letter word has caused so many people to give up on their goals and dreams. Why? Because they don't think that it is possible to achieve them.

If this has happened to you then is time for a shift in focus from what you don't think is possible, to all of the things that are possible. This can begin to occur by your learning how to magnify your mind-set past what you see, and use thoughts that are going to help you experience desired results in your life.

What is the one thing that you feel like is just impossible for you to accomplish? What are the things that are standing in between you and possible? I like to refer to these things as the big stops. Why? Because these obstacles are usually the things that cause you to come to a complete halt, and stop working toward the things that you want to achieve.

Where is your thinking currently at in relationship to the things that you want to achieve? Do you think I can do this, or do you think this can never happen for me? If your thinking is working against what you want to achieve then you must begin to think past impossible.

Many people don't realize how simply thinking past impossible can provide self-empowerment to propel them toward their goals. I believe that many people don't even realize they are trapped in the mind-set bondage of impossible. What do I mean by that? I mean that they constantly focus all of their energy on what they believe can't be achieved, instead of focusing on what can be achieved. They magnify what they think is impossible, instead of magnifying the possibilities.

The thing that I always notice about the word impossible is that possible is within it. So whenever an accomplishment looks impossible, just remember that it already includes possible. Learning how to think past impossible was one of the biggest shifts in my life. And I want it to be a big shift in your life as well. You deserve to achieve great things in your life, and yes that is possible.

What huge shifts can you experience in your life if you began to think past impossible? What are some things that now look possible for you to achieve? What actions are you willing to take so that you can achieve your goals? You deserve to live a life full of possibilities and achieve great things, so tell yourself that "It is possible!"