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Success Articles > How to Live An Authentic Life-Originate Not Duplicate

You may not be perfect, but you have potential. I have great news. None of us are perfect, but we all have potential. You should see yourself the way that those who believe in you see you. You have to see something greater in you, than where you are currently at. Many times it is difficult for a person to see greatness in who he or she is, because of their current situation. If you are one of those individuals, it is time to tap into your authentic potential.

This means your potential, and not what others think you should be. This is the potential that God has given you, not that man has given you. It is important to be authentic. Because nobody in this world can be you, like you can. And God created us all to be different and unique for a reason.

It is important for you to live in your authentic calling, and don't try to be what you are not. The best thing that you can be is yourself. And don't ever compare yourself to others. You have been blessed to do great things, so live within your limits. That is where your blessings are at.

You can't expect to be blessed simply because you are trying to copy, or duplicate the life of someone else. Free to be me, is what I like to say. I am free to be unique and different. I am free to let God use me the way that he wants to use me. And that is what many people like about me. The fact that I am not afraid to go against the grain, of what man thinks I should do.

I have been called to be different, and may other people are just like me. Your calling is just as valuable as someone else's, regardless of whether you follow the crowd, or lead the crowd. Focus on your calling, walk in your greatness, and live out your authentic potential. This will truly make you feel fulfilled.

You have an audience that you are supposed to reach. So if you are simply attempting to duplicate the potential of someone else, then how are you reaching your audience? If you attempt to simply duplicate the potential of someone else, then there is a great chance that you are not reaching anyone at all. Because that is what happens a lot, an individual tries to be everything to everyone. Then he or she ends up not being anything to anyone.

Focus on who you were created to be. You are a masterpiece designed by the master. So be comfortable being the you God inspired you to be. Know who you are in Christ, and know the impact that you have been called to have in the world, and for the kingdom. This can create a shift in your potential and in your life.