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Success Articles > Changing Your Words Can Change Your Life

What you speak is what your life will produce. So don't call yourself a failure, a mess, a quitter or someone who will never succeed. What are you saying to yourself? Are your words empowering you, or stopping you?

Words are seeds, and your life will harvest whatever you say. You should never use words that are going to tear your life down. You should only use words that are going to build your life up. It is so easy to start using negative words, but you have to work on using positive words. If you want to see positive results in your life then negative words will not support your desires.

What you say goes right out of your mouth, back into your ear, and down in your heart. It is not beneficial for you if you are not speaking words of success. When you look at this a little closer there are two types of words. These are either words that will lead to success, or words that will lead to failure. There is no in between. It is either one or the other.

If you notice yourself using words that are not going to produce success in your life, you must stop immediately, and replace your words with words that are going to result in what you deserve to see happen in your life.

Our words are extremely powerful and they can either make us or break us. They have power to encourage you or discourage you. They have the power to help you press through obstacles, or give up in the middle of them.

Replacing negative words with positive words is a process that takes time, but it can be done. It is possible for you to begin to use words that are positive, fulfilling, encouraging and supportive. You must refuse to say anything that may produce what you don't want in your life.

What you say is usually what you will do, or won't do. So if you say you are successful you are more likely to do things that are going to lead to success. If you say that you will never be successful then you are probably not going to do anything at all, because in your mind you don't even think you will ever be successful.

Even when you don't see results still use positive and encouraging words. This can inspire and motivate you to keep going until you see change. But if you use negative and demeaning words it is going to do the opposite. Changing your words can change your life.