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There is no reason at all for you to feel discouraged or less than. Not when you were created to live a fulfilled life. Sometimes we may go through things that cause us to feel hopeless and like life has no meaning. But eventually on the other side of going through should be coming out. That means that you must let your experiences launch you forward and not hold you back. That means that on the other side of struggle is success.

You should never look at anyone else and feel like there are more successful than you. Could it be possible that you simply have not tapped into your inner power, that is connected to your success? You are already successful, even if you don't feel like it. How? Because you have what it takes to manifest success in your life. I know right now you may feel everything but successful. But that does not mean that success is not within you. Even if it is hidden, it is still there.

And in my opinion success is not measured by anything financial. My belief is that success means being happy, having peace and living fulfilled. Too many people measure success with dollar signs. But what has a millionaire gained who has no peace and no joy? As you see success is more than just money.
Success is you. And the way that you can start feeling successful right now is to find something in your life that makes you feel gratitude. Find something that makes you feel thankful, something that makes you smile, and brings you joy. Once you have done that then keep the process going. This can allow success to continue to manifest in your life.

What is not feeling successful costing you? Are you unhappy? Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you feel purpose less? Do you feel like you are just going through the "life motions" with no real direction? It is amazing how not feeling successful can take over your emotions and life, in a not so healthy way.

Now what if right now you dig deep down into your heart, and connect with those things that make you feel successful? What if you decide at this moment you are going to make a bold declaration by saying "I am successful?" And what if you decide to make that bold declaration every day, first thing in the morning and before you go to bed? How do you think your life may change? Now why not do it?

What is stopping you from moving forward? Now replace what is stopping you from moving forward, with something that will help you move forward. And seize your success. And the next time you look in the mirror don't forget to say with power "Success is me!"