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Success Articles > Your Purpose Is Calling Your Name-Are You Going to Answer?

It is important for you to live purpose filled. That simply means you are doing the thing you were created to do. You are not doing things just because someone said you should, or because you are making a lot of money. But you are actively doing what you were born to do.

When you are in alignment with your purpose it does more than just make you feel rewarded. Being in alignment with your purpose makes you feel like you are in divine alignment with what you were created to do, and that adds more to your life than words can express.

One way you might know that you are not in your purpose is if what you are doing does not make you feel fulfilled. Are you in a career that just does not bring you the life satisfaction you desire? Or are you feeling like there has got to be more to life than this? Do you constantly ask yourself what was I born to do? Do you feel like something in your life is missing? If any of those previous questions resonates with you there is a great chance that you are not living in your purpose.

Sometimes when you are striving to live in purpose you may feel like you have a dream in your heart to step out and do something. You try to let that dream go by. You put that dream on hold day after day, week after week and month after month. You try to let your dream go, but no matter what that dream won't let go of you. That may be a clue that your dream in your heart is directly connected to your purpose.

It is important for you to pursue your purpose. Don't just give up and settle for less if you know in your heart you should be doing more. You have to discover what your purpose is, believe in your heart you should live purpose filled, and then pursue your purpose with all you have.

One great thing about living in purpose is that it is not just about you. When you live purpose filled you have an opportunity to not only enhance your life, but to also enhance the lives of others. You have an opportunity to bring your purposeful gifts to the world. You also have an opportunity to leave a legacy in a way that you may not have imagined.

An added benefit of pursuing your purpose, in addition to living fulfilled and helping others, is you can also accelerate your financial success when you step into your purpose. How? Because often there are income generating opportunities connected to pursuing your purpose. One thing you may not have thought about is that you can profit by stepping into your purpose. Just because you are doing the thing you were created to do does not mean that it has to be a hobby, or something you only do on a volunteer basis.

It is possible for you to prosper financially from your purpose. Simply because you are fulfilling your purpose does not mean that you can't generate profit from it. Especially if part of your purpose is to give back and help others.

So stepping in your purpose can mean that you could be doing what you were created to do, love to do, and empowered to do. And also that you can be a blessing to the lives of others. And those things are priceless.

You have the power today to decide that you will not live purpose less. Nobody can make that decision for you. But remember that there may be a lot more to life that you have not yet experienced, because those things are connected to your purpose. So I encourage you to think about living purpose filled, and how it can propel your life in the direction you desire for it to go in. And then take a step of faith to pursue your purpose, and don't quit until you are living purpose filled.