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Success Articles > So You Think You Can Coach?

If you think you have been called to be a coach, why not step out in faith and make it happen? If you feel divinely led to become a coach then you must build up your confidence and courage to move forward. Why? Because there is someone, somewhere who needs your coaching support.

You may think you can coach, and you may think coaching is the perfect profession for you. And if that is the case you should become dedicated to letting your coaching thoughts be transformed into reality. If you are thinking you can become an amazing coach your thoughts are probably absolutely in alignment with your purpose as a coach.

If you have a genuine heart to make a difference, and you are a great encourager, inspirer, motivator and support person you already has what it takes to change lives and the world. If become a life coach is your dream how long are you going to put it on hold? Do you find yourself constantly investing in other people's dreams? If so when are you going to start investing in yours?

Do you realize that there may be a whole group of people out there who you are called to serve, that you are not serving? If you feel a burning in your heart to step out of the box of limited thinking, and do what you have been truly purposed to do, becoming a coach may be the next step for you. If you feel like something is missing in your personal or professional life then you may want to begin doing a purpose search. Many people know they have been called to do more than what he or she is currently doing, but they just don't know coaching is the missing piece, until they begin to investigate how becoming a coach can serve their lives and the lives of others.

If you think you can coach why not just do it? Why not show the world what you have to work with? Why not share your gifts with others? Are you going to let all you have inside of you just sit there? Or are you going to transform your thoughts of "I think I can coach" into "I know I can coach?"

If you think you can coach then there is a great chance you can coach. But how will you ever know if you never move forward? If you are sitting on the fence about becoming a coach then it is time to get off the fence, and get into your purpose as a coach.