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Success Articles > 5 Common Reasons People Never Pursue Their Dream of Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Becoming a Certified Life Coach is a dream that many individuals have. They have that dream in their heart for many reasons. They may want to help more people in a bigger way, be their own boss, they may want more freedom, they may want to make more money, or they may want to own their own coaching practice. But many people keep their dream of coach certification hidden in their heart and they never move forward.

The reason they may not move forward can vary, but in this article we will look at 5 common reasons why people never step out and pursue their dream of life coach certification.


1. I just don’t have enough money.

This is one of the biggest reasons people never move forward with becoming a coach. But how can you not afford to pursue your dream? And besides what is the going cost of fulfilling your dream, and possibly having the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference in the lives of others? I believe it is priceless. Sometimes we have to make a sacrifice to follow our dreams, and often that includes a financial sacrifice. If this is an issue for you it is a great idea for you to look at your spending and investigate if you are spending excess in an unnecessary area? If the answer is yes then why not invest that money in your dream?

You can set up a separate “I will pursue my coach certification dream” bank account.  Look at the total amount of your program, and dedicate a certain dollar amount to your account weekly or monthly, until you have the money to move forward. Or how about a “I Will Pursue My Coach Certification Dream” rummage sale? As you can see you may have to get a little creative. But that can make it fun. It may take a little work to come up with your investment, but you can do it.  


2. I just don’t have the time.

If you feel like you don’t have the time you have to become dedicated to make the time. Look at any areas where you could better manage your time. Are you doing anything in your day that is not contributing to your living the life you dream of living? If you watch television could you turn the television off an hour earlier a day and dedicate that time to studying? If you are day dreaming about living a fulfilled life why not use the time you are day dreaming to making it a reality? Are you spending unproductive time surfing the internet, chatting on social networks, texting or anything else that is not helping you live more rewarded and fulfilled? If so that time can easily be converted into time used to help you pursue your dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach.


3. I don’t have enough time to pursue my dreams, because I am too busy helping everyone else pursue theirs.

It is okay that you are devoted to helping other people succeed. But you deserve to succeed as well. You deserve to reach the dreams you have inside of you. You can’t continue to live through everyone else; you deserve to live your life. There comes a time you have to make the choice to invest in yourself. You don’t want to keep letting time go by and you never move forward .Because sadly what may happen is you look back 5 years from now and you have helped everyone else achieve their dreams, but you never stepped out to achieve yours.


4. I don’t know if I will be good at coaching.

If becoming a Certified Life Coach is a dream of yours God has put that dream in your heart for a reason. Don’t have self-doubt or talk yourself out of your dream. You can be as good at coaching as you want to be. Chances are you already have the gift of encouragement, inspiration, support, compassion and empowerment. But what you need is the structure and how to that a coach certification program teaches you. So yes, you can be very good at it. But you will never know how good you can be, if you never step out and pursue your dream of coach certification.  


5. I will get started the next class.

Procrastination blocks manifestation, so you will never manifest your dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach if you keep putting it off. What happens most of the time with procrastination is people say “I will do it later.” But later never comes. If you feel inspired to move forward then move forward. Don’t keep delaying what you have been purposed to do. If you continue to procrastinate you are allowing yourself to be robbed of your dreams. If you are being led to become a coach now is your time to change your life, the lives of others and the world.