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Success Articles > The Four Letter Word You Must Remove From Your Vocabulary

There is a four-letter word that can make or break your success. That four-letter word is quit. This word must be removed from your vocabulary if you truly want to succeed in life. This four-letter word has become a crutch for many people, and should never be an option.

Why should quitting never be an option? Because sometimes quitting is the easiest thing to do, and persevering is the hardest thing to do. Unfortunately difficulties will always arise. I know it seems unfair, but it is a reality. But many time individuals feel like whatever he or she is working toward will just happen smoothly. And the obstacles or challenges catch them off guard, and they just give up.

No matter what you are striving toward you must have the mindset that quitting is not an option. Well in actuality quitting is an option, but you must develop the mindset that it is not an option for you. You have to be dedicated to persevere through the pain, the tears, the naysayers, and all of the disappointments. And one day you will look back and be glad that you didn't quit.

Now sometimes you may fall, and if that happens then get back up. Refuse to stay down. I have discovered that one of the greatest keys to success is to get back up more times than you are knocked down. And when you get back up, get back up better. Every time you fall there should be some type of life lesson wrapped around falling that makes you better.

Achieving dreams take hard work, dedication and commitment. But they are worth it. No dream that you have in your heart is not worth you fighting for. You should never settle for not achieving your dreams. We all have dreams from the youngest to the oldest, and one thing you never want to do is let your dreams die. When you quit your dreams die, and that does not make you feel fulfilled or rewarded.

So as you move forward toward achieving your dreams make a commitment that when you leave this earth your dreams will not go with you, make a commitment that you will remove the four-letter word quit from your vocabulary, and decide that you will never let quitting be an option for you. And keep pushing and persevering until you get your desired results. You are worth it and so are your dreams.