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Are you aware that you have divine destiny in you? Do you realize that you can activate your gifts by deciding to pursue your purpose of making a difference in the lives of others? Do you want to do better, be better and live better? Do you believe there is purpose for you in this life?

If you are not currently where you want to be in life you have the power to create change. You can decide right now that you want your life to go in a more fulfilling direction, and then you can make the choice to change what needs to be changed.

See your destiny by creating an image in your mind of where you desire to be. Visualizing where you want to go can help you get there. Along the journey to your destiny you may encounter many obstacles. Obstacles are inevitable, but they don't have to stop you. They only stop you if you allow them to.

You have the inner power to prosper, but you have to believe it, and you have to make the decision to move forward. Nothing is going to happen if you don't take action. Yes, God may have graced you with amazing gifts and abilities, but they will never be activated if you don't get moving.

It is a sad thing when individuals sit on their gifts and talents because he or she feels inadequate to serve others, or to change the world. Many people think I am not smart enough, educated enough, important enough, or I don't have enough money.

Instead of focusing on what they don't have to work with, more people need to focus on what they do have to work with. You might be surprised at all of the qualities you have that can empower you to step up and step out in a big way to live out your purpose.

If you have a passion to motivate others forward, you can't do that until you motivate yourself forward. So what are you waiting for to get going? Is it time? Is it money? Is it being fearful of doing something different? Guess what? There is always going to be some reason for you to put your desires off. The best thing to do is to just go for it.

Procrastination is a big dream delayer and dream killer. It causes you to keep putting things off until you have given up on ever achieving your desires. I challenge you to find one reason that you deserve to move forward, and let that reason be enough to inspire you toward your destiny.

Trust God and believe that you were created to do something amazing. Realize you have a lot of potential inside of you, that needs to come out. Have faith in God, and have faith in your ability to do awesome things for your life, the lives of others, and the world.