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Success Articles > 3 Keys to Go From Desire to Dollars

If you have a desire in your heart it can be converted into dollars. The passion that you have can be transformed into profit. When you are blessed to generate a profit you can help more people, do things you enjoy doing and not be in bondage to money stress.

Just because you are making a difference does not mean you can't make money. And just because you have a desire doesn't mean that your desire can't be converted to dollars. Now if you have a desire that you don't want to be converted to dollars that is okay, but many of us understand that when we are able to make money we are able to give more and live more.

This article is going to provide you with 3 keys to go from desire to dollar, of course there are many more than 3 keys that connect desire and dollars, but we will look at 3 critical keys to get you going in the right direction.


1. Believe In Your Desire:

If you ever want to convert your desire into dollars you must believe in your desire. Whatever it is you are being divinely inspired to do you must have faith that it will generate a profit. You can't expect to make money if you don't believe in yourself or the service you are providing. And if you are being divinely led to turn your passion into profit, sooner or later you will see some activity in your money flow.

It is important to look for progress during the process. So even if you make an extra dollar or two it is critical to show gratitude for that, and feel blessed with the little, and that can lead to bigger financial blessings.


2. Pursue Money Making Opportunities:

In order to go from desire to dollars you must pursue profit generating opportunities. Now this is not chasing money. This is recognizing and seizing the opportunities that are being divinely presented to you to increase your income. I don't believe in chasing money, but what I do believe in is making money.

I learned the hard way that making money is not wrong. And I also learned that we can make money and make a difference. My motto is always POP (People Over Profit). And what I have seen is when you have the right motive, follow divine guidance and have faith, the financial floodgates can open for you.

However, it is not realistic to think that the money is just going to show up at the door and say "Hey there. I heard you have been looking for me." You have to move toward what you want to see happen in your financial life.


3. Take Action and Keep Taking Action:

It is important to take inspired action and move forward. You could have been presented with an amazing opportunity to make money, but if you don't take action it won't make a penny. Taking action is difficult for a lot of people for many reasons. They may procrastinate, have doubt, a fear of failure, or a fear of being ridiculed. If any of those action antagonists apply to you identify them, deal with them and conquer them.