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Success Articles > I Lost My Job, But I Found My Purpose

Often purpose can be hidden in the midst of pain, but many times if it was not for the pain we would not have had an opportunity to discover, and activate our purpose. I was blessed to find my purpose as a result of losing my corporate job due to downsizing. I never imagined that there was a bigger plan that God had for my life outside of working my corporate job. I was happy working my job, but deep inside I always felt like there was more, I felt like something was missing. I enjoyed my co-workers, I enjoyed the corporate clients I worked with, and I enjoyed helping others, but I knew that I had amazing gifts that I was sitting on, so I didn't feel complete on the inside.

When I was blessed to discover my big purpose it not only impacted my life, but it has also impacted the lives of others. When I lost my job I couldn't imagine ever being thankful for that painful experience. But today I am grateful for being a statistic of corporate downsizing. And now I realize that I didn't lose my job at all, God just created space in my life to do what he has purposed me to do.

Sometimes the pain is so great we can't see how anything beautiful can even come out of it. But when God is in it there will be a time where he will give you an opportunity, to transform your pain into purpose. But whether you go from pain to purpose is up to you. You don't have to let your pain stay pain. Why not allow your pain to become purposeful and change lives and the world?

Did you know the painful event you have ever experienced in your life, can become a powerful message to inspire someone else? Have you considered that you can be a blessing to help someone else overcome the painful things, he or she is facing? When God brings us through pain to purpose we always have an opportunity to give back to the lives of others.

Sometimes we are not even aware of how much our purposeful message is needed in the lives of others. But what you have been blessed to conquer can give someone else hope. Your story might be the reason that someone else doesn't give up on their dreams and goals. Why not decide today that you will step out in a big way and live fulfilled, rewarded and in purpose.