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Success Articles > Go After Your Dream...And Catch It!

Sometimes stepping out to pursue a passion or a dream seems so scary, especially when the unknown is on the other side of your passion or dream. But deep inside we must believe and know that what is working for us, is greater than any fear or uncertainty related to taking action to move forward.

We have to allow our faith to rise higher than fear, doubt, procrastination or any other dream blockers. Too many individuals allow their dreams to be robbed because he or she is hesitant to move forward for whatever reason. But I have great news for you. Today you have been blessed with yet another opportunity to seize the dream that has been put in your heart.

If you still have a burning desire to achieve your dream what are you allowing to stop you? You may be stunned to realize that the only thing stopping you...is you. You already have every thing you need inside of you to be successful at whatever God has placed in your heart to do. But you must believe. When you believe that means that you have total trust and confidence in God that you are equipped to do what he has purposed you to do.

When you walk in full confidence, you may begin to see immediate change, and that things are manifesting easier. Now just because things are easier doesn't mean that there is no work involved, but it is a different kind of work. It is work that is rewarding and fulfilling. As your confidence grows you may also begin to see your dream moving closer and closer to you every day. In a sense you become a dream magnet and through your tight thinking, right way of believing, right speaking and taking action, you begin to see things that you desire show up in your life.

There is no one that should feel like he or she can't achieve their dream. Regardless of the obstacles that have been, are, or will come up against you, you can still do it. Did you know that most successful people have had to overcome huge obstacles? So if they did it so can you.

You must give yourself permission to dream again and live again. That is something that you truly deserve. One mistake that many individuals make (and I have been guilty of this also), is giving up on their dreams. Don't give up on your dream, ask God to breathe new life into them, and watch what happens.