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Success Articles > God Can Work With the One Percent

Do you sometimes feel like you failed more than you succeeded? Do you feel like your life has been one big storm after another? Have you ever felt like your past would rob you of your future? Can you identify with being the one who they said couldn't do it, or wouldn't make it? Have you refused to quit even in the face of adversity? Have you broken through barriers, challenges and obstacles to get to where you are today?

If you can identify with any of the questions above you know that where you are right now was not an easy journey. And you also know that you could have given up, but you persevered to get where you are at today. And you may even feel a call to action to help others do the same.

In life you may have thought you had ninety-nine percent of things going wrong, and only one percent of things going right. But it is that one percent of things going right that helped make you who you are today. God took that one percent and helped you to become the amazing, gifted and driven individual you are.

But you must not let that one percent be in vain. There is someone who is stuck at the place you were blessed to make it through. There is someone who is looking at how big the ninety-nine percent looks, and he or she does not realize that God can work with the one percent. There is someone who feels like they will never get past where he or she is currently at.

You are the perfect candidate to assist others to move forward in his or her life. Not everyone knows how it feels to have ninety-nine percent of things against you, but yet still have hope in front of you. But you do. That is why you may have been purposed to help others overcome obstacles and achieve their goals and dreams.

Being a life coach provides you with the opportunity to not only make a difference in the lives of others, but it also helps you to fulfill a calling on your life. Many times we may feel that we have to have some huge platform in front of thousands, but why not start with that one? You never know where humble beginnings will lead you. So why not follow your passion to encourage, inspire, motivate and support someone who is looking for transformation in his or her life?

You may not feel like you have the abilities to be an amazing life coach, but if you are still reading this and you feel inspired then you have what it takes. God will never inspire or lead you to do something that you are not already equipped and empowered to do. But even though you are equipped and empowered, learning the structure and receiving education in coaching can help to enhance what you have. So if you feel like becoming a life coach is a part of your purpose then it is your time to live purpose-filled.