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Success Articles > 3 Things That Block Your Success As a Coach

You already have everything you need within to become an amazing purposeful coach. But it is important to be aware that there are things that can also block your success as a purposeful coach. Knowing the success blockers are just as important as knowing what fuels your success.

This article will look at three things that block your success as a coach. These are not the only three things, but they are three things that when recognized can mean the difference between succeeding as a coach and not succeeding as a coach. 


1. Putting People Before Profit:

As a purposeful coach it is important that you always put people before profit. As a purposeful coach the primary focus is to unleash your purpose so that you can help others to improve their lives. When you concentrate on helping people and being authentic then you can powerfully attract a profit.

If you focus on generating a profit only, then you are not in coaching for the right reason. Simply focusing on generating a profit is not going to make you feel rewarded or fulfilled, but helping to make a difference in the lives of others will. Now there is not anything wrong with making money as a coach, but you never want to put profit first and people second, always make sure people are before profit.


2. Trying to Be a People Pleaser:

A big success blocker for you as a purposeful coach is trying to please others. Pleasing others will only drain your energy, and keep you in a cycle of feeling stuck. You will only move forward when you let go of trying to please others, and embrace the purpose that God has for your life, that combination can fuel your success as a purposeful coach in an amazing way.


3. Not Fully Embracing Who God Created You to Be:

Another coaching success blocker is trying to be anything other than who God has created you to be. As a coach you have to be in divine alignment with your purposeful assignment. In other words if you have been called to work in the area of the youth, then fully embrace that and trust God to open doors for you, and for your success.

It is easy to want to follow what others are doing in the coaching world, especially when it appears to be lucrative and successful, but just because it works for another coach does not mean that it will work for you. Things are probably working for that coach because he or she is in alignment with their purpose, and as you get into alignment with your purpose you can experience the same favorable benefits.