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Success Articles > What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

There is no guarantee in life that tomorrow will come for anyone. That is why we must live each day to the fullest. Many people go through life thinking they have all of the time in the world to live their passion, write that book, start that business or do whatever it is they have a desire to do. So they procrastinate on moving forward, and they don't pursue the things that are meaningful to them.

One of the saddest realities is that many people leave this earth with his or her dream still inside of them, and that is not beneficial to anyone. If we truly lived every day to the fullest, we would take huge leaps of faith to do what is important to us. We wouldn't let fear stop us, we wouldn't let doubt stop us and we would not care what other people think.

Life is a beautiful gift that we have been blessed with, and it is important that we live it in a way daily that brings us joy, peace and satisfaction. It is also important that we create a beautiful legacy for those who love us and for future generations to come. We are all going to be remembered for something, so we must be sure to do things that are going to create memories that leave an impactful legacy. That simply means you are doing something today that will not only impact lives in the present but also in the future.

I have to admit that I used to just automatically expect that I was always going to have tomorrow to do whatever was meaningful to my life, that was until my mother passed away suddenly at the age of 51. She didn't wake up that morning expecting that tomorrow wouldn't come for her. But she did leave an amazing and impactful legacy. Why? Because she did what was meaningful to her life. She made a difference in the lives of others. That was a way of life for her. It has been many, many years ago since my mother passed away (2001), and her passing away shifted my whole perspective on living in the present.

I believe that one of the worst ways to live is with regret. That is why I am dedicated to doing everything that has been put in my heart to do. Does that mean I am always full of confidence when I get an inspired idea? Does that mean I always see how things are going to work together? Does that mean I am always full of excitement and energy and ready to go? Absolutely not, sometimes I am full of fearful faith. You might be thinking what in the world is fearless faith? Well, my definition of fearless faith is that feeling you get when you know God has given you an assignment or an inspired idea, and it scares you...your knees seem to be knocking, your palms are sweaty, you have no clue about how things are going to unfold, but you trust God, so you move forward in the plan he has for your life. Doing what God has called you to do is one way not to live with regret.

It should be a goal of everyone to live their lives with no regrets. When you decide to live your life with no regrets that can transform your whole life. It can make you feel happier, more optimistic and more fulfilled. It can also make you feel content in the present, because you know that you are deeply enjoying the life you have been blessed with...now.

It is time for you to experience your life to the max. How can you begin to live your life in a way that brings you more joy, peace and fulfillment, and no regrets? And don't always wait to begin tomorrow, because what if tomorrow never comes?