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Success Articles > Confessions of a Previous People Pleaser

Being a people pleaser robs you of your purpose. Being a people pleaser is also a debilitating thing that paralyzes your dreams and goals. It is also something that causes you to be kept in a box, and it causes your gifts to hidden. At one point in my life I experienced being a people pleaser. I used to be too consumed with what people thought of me, and that not only drove my actions, but it also drove my life. But once I became liberated from being a people pleaser it changed my mindset, and my life.

Being a people pleaser blocks us from being who God created us to be, and it causes us to blend in, instead of to stand out. We were all born to shine bright and not to be a dull light. As human beings created with a purpose, it is time for us to get out the box...not just think outside the box, but get outside the box, that people pleasing box that has us boxed into what other people think we should be.

It is okay to break the rules and go against what other people think about you. Life is too precious to live it defined by who other people say we should be. We only have one opportunity to live our life here on earth, and we should live it fulfilled, and it is extremely difficult to live a fulfilled life when we are trying to fit the traditional mold that society tries to put us in.

When I was a people pleaser I felt like I was going against the grain of my purpose, instead of going with the grain of my purpose. I felt like since I was trying so hard to please people it took away from my joy. My being a people pleaser made other people satisfied, but it made me miserable, and I am sure that many other people experience or have experienced the same thing.

Why do we become a people pleaser? Well there are a few reasons like, we are fearful of rejection, we are not courageous enough to go against the norm, we have adopted a traditional mindset (meaning we have had it embedded in our way of thinking, that the traditional way is the best way), or we are scared of being misunderstood, or ridiculed. But did you know that there are people who will celebrate your difference? Did you know going against the rules sets you in a powerful position, to ignite change? Did you know that people are looking for other people who are courageous enough to be who God created them to be, instead of whom people think they should be? Did you know that when you are in your unique purpose it might not look familiar, but it can be an opportunity for success?

Too many times we are a people pleaser, and not a God pleaser. Being a God pleaser means that you are stepping into who you were born to be, you are divinely moving into your purpose, and you feel amazing because you have joy and peace, because you are authentically being you. You never have to apologize for being yourself, or who God created you to be. If people don't get it, that is their problem and not yours. Don't sacrifice your happiness and purposeful life to please others. Because if you don't live your life the way you deserve to live it, nobody will look back and regret it but you.