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Success Articles > 4 Keys to Write Articles That ROCK

As a coach, writing articles is a great way to get your message out into the lives of others. Writing articles not only helps you to get your message into the lives of others, but it can also help you attract clients and stand out among the competition.

But it is not just about writing articles, it is all about writing articles that ROCK! When you write articles that ROCK, it can help you to make a bigger difference in the lives of others, build your coaching business, and position yourself for success.

Learning how to capture the essence of your soul and passion in article writing, makes all of the difference. Why? Because when you are powerfully who you were born to be, then you can powerfully help others be all that they were born to be.

This article will give you 4 keys on how write articles that ROCK. These keys are given to you below in a practical and applicable format using the word ROCK.


R-Reach Your Ideal Clients:

When you are writing articles, you must use magnetic language. The magnetic language attracts your ideal clients. When your article speaks to the heart of the reader, he or she can instantly feel a connection with you. One way to reach your ideal clients, is to get a clear picture of someone you know. The picture represents your ideal clients. Once you get the clear picture, write as if you are writing to that individual.

Speak to the pain, the challenges and the struggles of your ideal clients. But also speak to their future. Speak to the huge potential that lies within, and speak to the part of them that needs and desires change in his or her life. There is no benefit in you writing articles from a general perspective, if you do that you are going to hit and miss your ideal clients.

Another way to reach your ideal clients is to think of a specific problem they face, and write your article as a way to provide a partial solution. When I refer to a partial solution, I am referring to a solution that provides inspiration and empowerment, but yet leaves the reader desiring more...it makes him or her hungry for the full solution. The partial solution can be provided in a few tips, keys, strategies, or anything to benefit the reader. The partial solution should ignite the fire in the reader to continue to move forward.


O-Opens Minds:

Your articles must open the mind of the reader. It must help him or her become aware that change is needed. It must also make him or her aware of the positive possibilities that can occur in his or her life. When an individual's mind is opened to achieving a new goal then the pathway to succeed is also open. When your articles open the mind of the reader, it can unleash a mindset change that can inspire the reader to not only think different, but to also become different.

When the reader's mind is opened, it helps to push through any mental blocks that might be standing in between where the reader is currently at, and where he or she desires to be. When the reader's mind is opened opportunities can flow into his or her life with enhanced ease, and that can help to produce long-term results, and permanent transformation.


C-Create the Drive for Change:

Once your article opens the mind of the reader, it must also drive him or her to take the next step, toward living the life he or she desires and deserves to live. Your article should help the reader kick his or her motivation into high gear. It is not just enough to know that change is needed, but action must be taken so that change can occur.

When the article has created the drive for change, it pushes the reader internally, to do what is needed to bring change externally. This means that the reader is ready to take action steps to go to the next level. He or she has realized that it is time to unleash the huge potential that is within.

Your articles should not only include inspiration but it also must include motivation. It must motivate the reader to do more and be more. It should include a call to action for the reader that directs the reader toward you.


K-Knock Out the Competition:

By knocking out the competition, I mean that your articles should help you stand out in the coaching profession. They should highlight your difference, they should be authentic to you, and your personality should shine through them. Your writing should be a mirror of how you speak and who you are.

One of the worst things you can do is write in a way that isn't unique to you. Now this doesn't mean be unprofessional, but what is does mean is to be real...be the real you. Don't try to duplicate what other coaches are doing; it is your difference that will help you to stand out in the coaching profession, not you blending in with what everyone else is doing.