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Success Articles > 3 Ways You May Be Unknowingly Rejecting Coaching Clients

When it comes to coaching clients you are either attracting them or rejecting them. When you are in the right place of attracting clients they come to you, but when you are not in the right place of attracting clients it can seem like an uphill battle, that doesn't produce consistent results. In other words you are constantly using up a significant amount of energy chasing clients, instead of them chasing you. The thing about having a coaching business is you need clients to succeed. Now if you are in business not to generate income that is okay, but many coaches are in business to generate income, so if that is you then this article can be beneficial.

As a coach, I have faced the struggles of attracting clients. I felt like I was doing everything right, I would spend weeks if not even months on a product launch, only to receive less than exciting results. I would spend hours writing numerous articles, specifically to attract clients, lead free tele-seminars as an attempt to secure new clients, as well as promote new programs and products through social media. But even after doing all of those things, sadly no clients were on a mad hunt for me.

Then one day it all changed. I learned 3 critical client attracting secrets that were hidden. And the things that I learned were causing me to subconsciously repel clients. I want to share these 3 things with you, if you are a coach who is doing everything you know to do, but you still are not attracting the clients you desire and deserve.


1. Not Being In Alignment With Your Assignment:

I had to really get a clear picture of my purpose, and why I was here on earth. Sure, it seemed like I has a passion to help everyone do everything, but that was not my assignment. I had to really seek divine guidance to gain the understanding, and wisdom regarding who I was called to help. Now there are many, many groups of people here on earth. But finding out your assigned group can make all of the difference. When you get in alignment with your assignment, you are powerfully connecting with a group of people, that you have been designed to provide solutions for. This means that they have a persistent problem, and you have the powerful solution. So you are solving a specific problem, for a specific group of people.

From my perspective, when it comes to having your assignment revealed to you, it is extremely important to seek divine guidance, because it might be something that you are missing when you try to figure it out on your own, or when you try to seek the advice of others. Why not go directly to the source that created you for your assignment? When you ask your source for divine guidance and wisdom, it is like having an assignment GPS, that leads you directly to your assignment destination. The last thing you want to do is realize you have spent countless years of your life, out of alignment with your assignment. That is very frustrating... trust me, I know.


2. Not Having The Right CAM (Client Attracting Mindset):

When it comes to attracting clients, how is your mindset? What are your subconscious thoughts? Are you subconsciously repelling clients, because you feel undeserving? Or because you are thinking you are not going to be able to attract the clients, you really want to work with? Or are your prices in some way speaking that you are not confident about your coaching skills, or your ability to produce results?

The way you think is extremely important when it comes to attracting clients. Whatever you think you will produce, this is a spiritual law. So that means that regardless of what you do, if your mindset isn't on the pathway of receiving, then it is on the pathway of blocking. So you can be blocking the manifestation of your clients, because your thinking isn't in alignment with what you want to receive.

Your CAM is extremely important to your ability to attract clients. The right mindset will produce the right results. Now this doesn't mean you think positively about attracting clients once or twice, and you automatically see results. Now, that can possibly happen, but if it doesn't don't give up. Keep thinking the right thoughts until you see favorable results.


3. Not Taking Divinely Inspired Action:

Doing what you are being divinely led to do is huge. It is not just about being in alignment with your assignment, and having the right mindset, but it is also about doing something. Listen closely to what you are being led to do to attract clients. Don't do things out of desperation or simply because you see another coach doing something.

Also, anytime you feel divinely inspired, write that information down. Don't just let divine inspiration pass you by. You might get the inspiration in a dream, or as you are waking up, or you might get it at another unexpected time. So keep a pen or pencil and a notebook handy, so you can capture all of the divine inspiration you are given. And don't be scared to think out of the box or to take a leap of faith. When you are being divinely inspired there is just a "knowing" and peace on the inside, that confirms you are moving in the right direction.