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Success Articles > You Deserve to Live Even After You Die

After you die what is going to be the evidence left on earth that you even existed? What will continue to live through you after you die? What proof will you leave in the lives of others, that you led a meaningful life?

We should all be striving to leave an impactful legacy, by making a positive difference in the world, while we are blessed with the opportunity. One way that you can leave an impactful legacy is to do something to leave your mark on the world. This can be through writing a book, volunteering for a cause you are passionate about, starting a business, and many other ways that help create positive change in the lives of others, and in the world.

We can't be so busy with life obligations, that we forget that one day our time here on earth will end. Some people become so busy working, and doing other things that they lose precious moments, day after day. Those are precious moments that could be used to create an impactful legacy, but sadly before they know it the opportunity is over. I don't think anyone plans to live that way, it just sort of happens. That is why we must seize the moment, and live like every moment is our last moment. So that means, don't put anything on hold that you can do now, to leave an impactful legacy.

I admit I used to live that way, until my mom passed away suddenly, and that was a reality check for me. Fortunately my mom did a lot while she was here on earth, and years later she continues to live through the difference she made, and poems that she has written, which were found after she passed. I was even blessed to share one of her poems at my church, and many, many people told me that it changed their life. That is what I mean by us leaving evidence that we existed here on earth.

We were created by our creator to do something amazing for humanity, and we should be pursuing every purposeful gift that he has blessed us with. And the beautiful thing about that is, pursuing your gifts can continue to bless others way after you are gone. And it blesses you while you are living, because it helps you to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

You can decide today...right now, that you are going to do something even bigger than what you have already done. You can make the choice not to take your dreams and gifts with you when you die, and you can unleash the inner power to be all that you were born to be. You deserve it, and you deserve to continue to live even after you die.