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Success Articles > 3 Reasons Life Coaches Fail

Coaching is an awesome profession and there are great opportunities for success. But unfortunately there are also things that can cause you to fail as a coach. Being aware of the things that can cause you to fail is just as important as being aware of the things that can contribute to your success.

This article will discuss three important reasons why life coaches fail. These are not the only three reasons that can lead to non-success as a coach, but they are three critical reasons that should be recognized.


1. Trying to Be Everything to Everybody:

As a life coach it is in your nature to want to help others. It is in your nature to want to make yourself present in the lives of others as a difference maker, and it is in your nature to want to help others in any way that you can. But there is absolutely no way you can be everything to everybody. Trying to be everything to everybody can cause you not to be anything to anyone.

It is important to work with those you are called to work with; those you feel led to work with, and those whom you feel connected to through your life story, passion, experience, or knowledge. Trying to be everything to everybody can cause you to feel burnout and ineffective. And that is not good for your clients and it is definitely not good for you.


2. Not Putting In Effort:

As a life coach you have to put in work. It is not realistic to think that success is just going to magically happen for you. Yes, you can attract successful opportunities, but effort is still required. There are things you need to do as a life coach to become more successful. Maybe you need to do more marketing, maybe you need to do speaking events, or maybe you need to update your sales copy on your website. Decide what can help you to become more successful, then do what needs to be done to make it happen.


3. Giving Up Too Soon:

A big contributor to failure as a coach is giving up too soon. Just because results don't happen overnight doesn't mean that they won't happen. You can't just give up because you are not where you want to be. Look for any signs of successful growth and stay optimistic.

Are you farther today than you were yesterday? Did you make more money this month than you did last month? Did you finally launch a new program? Did you have more leads this week? You need to look at what is working for you and not what you think is not working. Focus on the successful possibilities and continue to build upon those. Don't give up simply because you get discouraged and frustrated. Guess what? Many people get discouraged and frustrated, but that doesn't give you permission to give up.


It is important to know that as a life coach you can succeed, it is possible. There is nothing that can stop you from succeeding if you don't allow it to. You are an amazing, phenomenal, and purposeful coach, and you were called to change lives and the world. Failure is always an option, but don't let it be an option for you. You were born to succeed.