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Success Articles > 3 Ways To Take Your Joy Back

Nobody deserves to live a joy-less life. But in some cases that is what many individuals have settled for. Living a life that is lacking joy means that your joy has been replaced by something else. Sometimes joy can be replaced with stress, worry, fear, or just being unhappy.

We should all strive to live a joyful life. That doesn't mean that we never face adversity, challenges, obstacles, or pain. But what it does mean is that we are seizing the opportunity to be joyful when it is presented.

This article will discuss three ways for you to take your joy back. If you need to experience more joyful living then this article can help inspire and empower you to do so. Of course there are more than three things you can do to take your joy back, but these are three important things to get you on the right track.


1. Stop Giving Your Personal Power to Other People:

People don't steal our personal power, we give it to them. When you give away your personal power that can rob you of your joy. When you stop giving away your personal power that puts you in a position to take your joy back.


2. Don't Put Your Time And Energy Into Things That Don't Deserve Them:

When you put your time and energy into things that don't deserve them, you can be robbed of your joy. Sometimes you can become so dedicated to the wrong things that you miss out on pursuing the right things, and that is a joy stealer.


3. Do Things That You Enjoy Doing:

While you are doing things to make other people happy, don't forget to do things to make yourself happy. You should always do something that makes you happy on a daily basis. That can release joy. It could be something as small as taking a relaxing walk, spending time with a loved one, going to dinner with a friend, or curling up and reading a book. It doesn't matter how small it is as long as it brings you joy, that is what matters.

Sometimes we can become so preoccupied with life responsibilities that we neglect ourselves. Neglecting ourselves can have a huge impact on our joy. Just taking a small amount of time out of every day to make yourself smile, can be one of the most rewarding things you do.