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Success Articles > 3 Keys to Manifest Your Greatest Desires

Most of us have desires that we want to manifest in our lives. They may all be different, but they are all achievable. Our greatest desires don't just have to be something that we dream about, but they can become a reality.

This article will discuss three keys to manifest your greatest desires. These are not the only three keys, but they are three keys that can get your desires flowing in the right direction.

1. Be Clear On Your Desire:

Be as clear as you can regarding your desire. Exactly what is it that you desire? What does it look like? Be as specific as you can. Being clear can help unleash motivation. Being clear can mean having a picture in your head or a picture on a poster board, on your cell phone, or anywhere else that you can see it frequently. When you can see your desire it helps bring it to life.


2. Expect Your Desire to Manifest:

Once you become clear on your desire, then you need to expect it to manifest. I believe that expectation produces manifestation. When you expect something to happen, you do what you need to do to make it happen. This means you are taking action. Now that doesn't mean you are just haphazardly doing things to try to bring your desires into existence, but what it does mean is that you are doing things you are divinely led to do, to help nudge your desires into reality.


3. Don't Quit:

There is usually a waiting period related to manifestation. There is no definite timeframe on when your desire will manifest. It could happen suddenly, or it could happen after a longer amount of time. Realistically there will probably be some time involved. The manifestation of a desire usually doesn't happen overnight. The manifestation of desires usually takes work, patience, and time. One reason that people give up is because they expect their desires to manifest overnight, or in a week or two, and when that doesn't happen their faith decreases, their level of expectation drops, and they stop taking action.

One way that you can stay inspired is to do something continuously to keep you inspired. Celebrate every accomplishment related to your desire, no matter how insignificant is seems. Celebrating the smaller results can keep you motivated as you are manifesting the bigger desire. Do whatever you need to do to stay focused and dedicated. Because quitting will only manifest regret and not your desires.