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Success Articles > How to Prosper Fincially As a Coach

If you are a coach who is struggling financially it is time for you to have a financial breakthrough. This article will discuss 3 keys to help you go from a coach who is struggling financially to a financially prosperous coach.

As any coach knows true prosperity is not only about money, but for the sake of this article the topic is money. And by the way money is not a bad word. Money is good when it flows through the hands of the good. Money is only evil when the intentions are evil. There are many coaches who deserve to prosper financially, because they have been called to do good with the money that is available for them.

As you read this article pay attention to anything that resonates with you. Also pay attention to any uncomfortable feelings or resistance. Those signs can be indicators that you need to master those areas.

1. Have The Right Money Mindset:

If you want to breakthrough financially you must have a breakthrough in your mindset. You can't expect to prosper financially with a mindset that doesn't support your desires. Too many coaches have the mindset that making money is wrong. Or they feel like making money will make them seem greedy. Or they don't feel like they are good enough to charge for their services. All of those are mental money blocks. And mental money blocks can keep your money from flowing in.


2. Have Crystal Clear Clarity:

Many coaches are not clear on how to transform their purpose into profit. They know it is possible, but they are not sure how to make that happen. Having crystal clear clarity means you are clear on who you are working with, why you are working with them, and how you are going to help them succeed. Clarity can help you to stand out in the coaching profession in a very powerful way.


3. Always Be Persistent:

Persistence pays off. As a coach you must be persistent and diligent in doing things that create a big payoff for you. What do you need to do that can help you to prosper financially? Do you need to finally get that book done? Do you need to get that program completed? Do you need to finally overcome your fear of speaking and book that speaking event? Do you need to tighten up on your marketing strategies? Take action and keep taking action, and even when you begin to see your money moving in the right direction, stay persistent.