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Success Articles > 3 Phases to Attract and Manifest Your Dream Life As a Coach

1. Decide:

Attracting and manifesting your dream life begins with a decision. First of all it is important to decide that it can happen for you. It is also important to decide what your dream life means to you. What does it include? Who does it include? What does it look like? For one coach it might be traveling more, and for another coach it might be making more money to help others. So there is no right or wrong answer.


2. Plan:

You must have a plan of action to manifest your dream life. It is not just going to magically happen. Look at what your dream life includes and then develop an action plan so that you can manifest it. What do you need to do to help make it happen? This could be take a class, increase your faith, master your mindset, start a business, put money back to invest in your dream, etc. This phase is personal for you so it is important for you to design a specific plan that works for you, and one that you will stick with.


3. Act:

Plans are just notes jotted down on paper if you don't reinforce them with action. You can have the best plan in the world, but if you don't move you may never manifest your dream life as a coach. To act simply means you are doing the work and putting in the effort to live the life you dream about. Manifestation means your dream has transformed into reality. Without action your dream life will probably just stay stuck in your head.

There are two types of action you can take. Self inspired action, and divinely inspired action. You want to make sure you are taking divinely inspired action. Listen to divine inspiration and move in that direction. Self inspired action can lead you down the wrong path, but divinely inspired action never will. So that means divine inspiration equals winning results every time.