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Success Articles > Are You Stuck In A Job That Is Secretly Robbing You Of Your Purpose?

Are you stuck in a job that is not fully utilizing your purpose? Do you have a job where you feel like you are totally misunderstood? Are you in a work atmosphere where people don't really recognize or appreciate your gifts and talents? If none of that applies to you then that is wonderful but if it does keep reading.

I remember being on a job that I enjoyed and I was making a difference, but there was a glass ceiling that I couldn't get past when it came to my gifts and purpose. I was constantly overlooked for things I had a burning desire to do. And other people controlled how I used my purposeful gifts in the workplace. I liked my job, but I was not deeply fulfilled by the work I was doing. There were days that I came home and felt so frustrated because I knew I was born for more.

If you feel like you need to live a more meaningful life then you have to decide right now that you are going to do so. You can't continue to move through life feeling like something is missing. I know how that feels, and it is not a good feeling. Life is too short for us not to live it more purposeful.

For a long time I struggled with understanding my purpose, and it wasn't until I unexpectedly lost my corporate nursing job in 2009 that all of the pieces of the purpose puzzle started to come together. I became a life coach and started a life coach training company and the rest is history. But it wasn't "peaches and cream" there were some rough bumps along the journey but through faith and determination I was blessed to rise above every obstacle that I encountered.

A lot of times when you are following your purpose you will face unforeseen struggles, obstacles, or adversity. But the key is to make where you are going to more powerful than what you are going through. Stay focused on the outcome and don't let anything come between you and your purpose. Your purpose not only transforms your life, but it also transforms the lives of others. Our purpose is never only about us, but it is also about making a difference in the lives of others.
You don't have to continue to work at a job that is robbing you of your true purpose. You don't have to continue to watch other people move up the purpose ladder while you stay stagnant. And you don't have to settle for the job description that is defined for you by others. You can become your own boss, run a business on your own terms, and break all of the traditional workplace rules that don't let you be who God created you to be.

And even if you have a job that you enjoy, there is still more. You can keep your job and still become more purposeful. Not everyone is meant quit their job, some are meant to stay on their job and have a more positive impact in and out of the workplace.

Regardless of your desire it is critical that you unleash your purposeful gifts. That is something that can also release many other things that have been held up in your life. God has called you to do something amazing for humanity, so what is holding you back? No more excuses... only action.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach can be the bridge that takes you from not feeling fulfilled to feeling more fulfilled than you ever dreamed of. Stepping into your purpose as a Certified Life Coach can be the key that you need to unlock your successful future mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.