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You were designed with purpose in mind regardless of your gender, your age, or the color of your skin, you have a reason for being here on earth. Along life's path things come along that distract and detour us from our purpose, but your purpose never disappears it is still in you, you just have to pull it out.

You must refuse to let anything block you from your purpose. If you do then the purpose stealers win. What are purpose stealers? They can be doubt, naysayers, fear, or anything or anybody that wants you to be defeated as it relates to your purpose.

You must elevate yourself above anything that is trying to work in opposition of your purpose. You are still here for a reason, you survived everything that has tried to take you out for a reason, people come to you for inspiration and encouragement for a reason, you have spiritual gifting for a reason, and you are amazing and phenomenal for a reason. You have a reason for existing. There is much more to you than you give yourself credit for.

Your purpose is needed in the lives of others. If you don't live in purpose you can feel like there is discord in your life, you can also feel frustrated, lack of life satisfaction, and just confused. You were designed to be more and do more. Whatever you are experiencing in life...you still deserve more. And now is your time to believe in your purpose, and your ability to be all that you were born to be. Your purpose matters.