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Success Articles > Conquering Your Calling As a Coach

How are you responding to your calling as a coach? Are you embracing it or running from it? Your calling as a coach is an important piece to who you were born to be. This article will discuss 3 responses that many individuals have to their calling as a coach.

1. Fear: Some individuals never move forward in their calling as a life coach because of fear. Coaching may be something new to them and they are scared of change. Sadly, they would rather stay in a comfortable situation (even though it is not satisfying) instead of embracing change that could potentially transform the rest of their life, and the lives of others.

2. Doubt: Some individuals never move forward in their calling as a coach because of doubt. They question their ability to be a good coach, they don't believe in who they are as a person, they don't think anyone would desire their services, and so on and so on. They find all kind of excuses not to move forward, not realizing that doubt is robbing them of their dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach. 

3. Embracing Your Coach Calling: Many individuals embrace their calling as a coach. They are ready to live in purpose, they are tired of not living a fulfilled life, they are tired of not being the change they desire to be, they are ready to have a huge impact in the lives of others, and they trust the direction that God is leading them in.

It is imperative for individuals to break through any fear and doubt that is blocking them from pursuing their purpose as a coach. Years down the road fear and doubt will only lead to regret. Many successful coaches had to break through internal barriers to conquer their calling as a coach. They persevered through faith and dedication. And remember God will never call you to do something that he has not equipped you to excel in.