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Success Articles > Get Where God Wants You to Be

It is time for you to move into the bright future that God has for you. He has called you to do some amazing things. You have an abundance of gifts that you have been equipped with, and those gifts can help propel you to the next level in life.

Sometimes we get so busy in life that we forget to live it! We forget to do the things that make us feel extraordinary, awesome, fulfilled and rewarded. But we can't continue to move through life daily without truly enjoying it. And part of us truly enjoying life includes doing the "life work" that we were born to do. That is our calling, our purpose and what gives our life meaning.

If you are in a place in your life where you desire more, then you should move toward more. You should do whatever you feel you are being divinely led to do. Refuse to let fear stop you and refuse to let doubt block you. This is your season. This is your time to manifest all of the good in your life that you desire, and that means emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. This is not the time to live with regret. This is not the time to be stagnant as it relates to your purpose, and this is not the time to talk yourself out of your dreams and goals.

There is a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you. But you have to seize them. You have to take the steps that need to be taken to live your best life possible. Just one step in the right direction can unleash an abundance of joy, peace and happiness for you.