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Success Articles > 3 Life Lessons Learned From My Previous Employer...After I Got Fired!

In my previous job as a corporate nurse I learned a lot. And I didn't learn a lot just about the work environment or how to do my job. But I learned a lot of life lessons as well. And those life lessons still inspire and empower me to this day. Now that might be surprising, given the fact that I was unexpectedly fired from my job due to corporate downsizing. But my getting fired was a blessing in disguise.


Life Lesson #1: Don't spend all of your time helping other people meet their goals, but leave your goals neglected.

I really loved my job and I was great at it! I got to work with awesome people and help them to live a better quality of life. And I was an asset to the company that I worked for. I even saw myself working for them until retirement. But I focused so much on doing my job for 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week, that I didn't even realize I wasn't focused on achieving my own goals and dreams the way I should have been. Yes, there were things I did to better myself during my employment with them. But I put most of my time and energy into helping the company succeed, that I didn't really do all that I could to help myself succeed.

It wasn't until after I lost my job that I really began to seek my purpose and my dreams. But after that experience I became dedicated to not only inspiring and empowering others to achieve their goals and dreams, but I also do what is necessary to achieve my goals and dreams as well. I have learned that you can't put all of your effort into helping other people meet their goals but leave yours neglected. That is not living balanced, and it doesn't contribute to your life happiness or life fulfillment.


Life Lesson #2: An obstacle can be transformed into an opportunity:

When I first lost my job it was a huge obstacle. It affected me emotionally and financially. I didn't know how I was going to make it or provide for my family. We went from two incomes to one income and that had a profound effect on us. But in the midst of the obstacle an opportunity emerged. I was blessed to launch The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute and it took off.

I was put in a position where I made a difference in a way that I never imagined. I have been blessed to reach and work with individuals nationally and internationally. I also was blessed to do an abundance of seminars and workshops with women, the youth and organizations, and I would not have been able to do that if I was still working at my job.

I learned a very valuable lesson from my previous employer as it relates to obstacles, and that is to focus on the opportunity in the midst of the obstacle. And I also learned that in life we will always have obstacles to arise but the opportunity will rise higher if we allow it to.


Life Lesson #3: You can never get fired from your purpose:

Even though I was fired from my job I could never get fired from my purpose. My job didn't define or delay my destiny. My purpose still emerged in spite of what I experienced with my employer. We were all born with purpose and no matter what your purpose will always exist. It is planted in you and nothing or nobody can rob you of it...if you don't allow them to. Our purpose is like our calling. It is why we are here on earth. It is what we have been gifted to do.

I sat in a cubicle day after day, month after month, and year after year, not even realizing that I had purposed that extended beyond the walls of my cubicle. Today that is extremely sad to me, because there are a lot of individuals who don't realize that they have purpose. So they live purpose-less. Sometimes individuals even die with their purpose still in them because they never take any steps to live a more purposeful life.

I learned a very important lesson from my previous employer as it relates to purpose.
The lesson I learned was there is always purpose on the other side of the problem. Regardless of what I have been through with my previous employer  my purpose still emerged in a way that touches my heart and soul in a very special way. And for that I am forever grateful.