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Have you ever dreamed of having a career where you can utilize your God-given gifts? Are you in a career that brings you a paycheck but not satisfaction? Do you sit at your desk or in your cubicle and dream of doing something for humanity in a bigger way? If you answered yes to any of those questions then keep reading.

Many of us have been or are in careers that are not bringing us total fulfillment. And many individuals know that they were born to do more and be more, but yet they are so scared of change that they continue to do the very thing that makes them feel unfulfilled. Life is too short to continue to live in a box that doesn't create a high level of joy for you. Now that doesn't mean you should quit your job. That is not what I am implying at all. And that is probably not a good judgment move if you don't have another steady income source. But what I am hoping is that you will begin to shift your thinking and become more aware of the additional career opportunities that are available for you.

You can enhance your current career by doing more of what you are purposed to do. You can even do things after work that can make you feel more fulfilled during work. Creating a higher level of work satisfaction doesn't always mean leaving your job; it can mean flipping your career into a more rewarding direction.

You are a phenomenal individual. You are a difference maker. And you are more amazing than you probably think. If you are ready to try something new then go ahead and step out on faith. Believe in yourself greater than you ever have, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were born for more.