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Success Articles > Why Breaking the Rules Saved My Business

Often those of us in business have a certain way of thinking when it comes to how we are supposed to do business. And many times we attempt to do business how  others say we should do business. While it is acceptable to take into consideration what others tell you about succeeding in business, it is not acceptable to operate a business that is based on who others think you should be and not your uniqueness.

It is your difference that causes you to stand out in business and not being a "cookie cutter" version of others. God created you to be unique for a reason and the real you should be illuminated in your business. How boring would the business world be if we were all just alike? How would we ever stand out to attract our dream clients? And how would we really love what we do? Blending in with everyone else is not an attraction factor, it actually can cause you to lose out on working with clients who are looking for your uniqueness. If you try to fit in and be like everyone else then there will always be something missing...and that is you!

Your story, your passion, your purpose and your divine gifts can't shine when they are camouflaged by the story, passion, purpose and divine gifts of someone else. You must be authentic in business. When we are not authentic in business it is very disheartening and frustrating. It can also make us feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. And that is not the reason we were called to business. Our business should bring us joy, fulfillment and life satisfaction. Our business should be a reflection of who God designed us to be.

When I broke the rules in business it shifted my business in a whole different direction. I was once told that business and spirituality don't mix. But that really didn't resonate with me. I tried that and an important piece of my business was missing, and that was me. Spirituality is important to me, and once I included spirituality as a part of my business I felt amazing, and I began to attract those I absolutely love working with. See, I discovered something, and that something was that there is room in this universe for every type of inspired business. God wouldn't have called us to business if the space was too crowded for us to serve others.

There should not be a disconnection between our true self and our entrepreneur self. If that was the case what's the point of being an entrepreneur? Being a non-purposeful carbon copy of who someone else told us we should be in business is very boring and outdated. I am glad that I decided to break the rules because life is just too short to live it in a box. So frame your business based on what resonates with you, and when you do that you can serve others in a more authentic, powerful and transformational way.