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Hey there! Thank you for clicking on this article. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to connect with you. First of all, in no way am I insinuating that you can't pay your bills. I like words that rhyme and I thought the title sounded cool (smile). Plus this article is going to actually cover information on how you can use your skills to pay the bills. And I am referring to your skills as an entrepreneur.

If you feel led to step into entrepreneurship then there is a reason for that. And that reason is probably because part of your calling is to be an entrepreneur. And if you are like how I was many years ago you might not have realized that entrepreneurship is even a calling. So if you feel that divine nudge to become an entrepreneur then you definitely need to keep reading this article.

Many years ago back in 2009 I lost my nursing job due to corporate downsizing and that is how I was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. But for a lot of my life I felt like I was supposed to be an entrepreneur, but I felt stuck in the 9-5 cubicle life. But when I lost my job the doors of entrepreneurship swung open for me, now by no means has it been easy, but it has been extremely rewarding. And I have been blessed to use my skills to pay the bills. And guess what? The same thing can happen for you.

So now that you have determined if you feel led to entrepreneurship, what's next? Well you must have an entrepreneurship mindset. And an entrepreneurial mindset is a much different mindset than an employee mindset. Being aware of the difference and applying an entrepreneurial mindset to your business plan, goals, and action plan can be a critical factor in whether you succeed as an entrepreneur or not.

But it doesn't stop with the entrepreneurial mindset, there are some other important things related to successful entrepreneurship, like understanding how to take your divine idea and transform it into a business model, and even after that is done you must know how to turn that business model into money. And when you can manifest the money that is when you can have financial resources to help with those bills. So as you see unleashing your skills to pay the bills is totally possible for you. And guess what? It might not be as hard as you think!