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Are you a natural encourager? Are you able to inspire others? Are you a good listener? Are you empathetic? Do you love to motivate others to succeed? Do you enjoy when you see others achieve their goals and dreams? If you have the heart to make a difference, the passion to see others live their best life possible, and the spirit of perseverance then you should consider becoming a life coach. Life coaching is a billion dollar industry annually and it is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.

Helping others makes us feel good and when they show us gratitude for our services that is such a rewarding feeling. There are people in the world who could be yearning for your solution to their problem, but they will never find you if you don't show up. So isn't it time that you show up in the world and let others know that you can help them transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary?

I remember having the feeling that I was supposed to be doing more than what I was currently doing, and I just felt stuck. I felt like I had a lot of big dreams inside of my head but I wasn't sure how to manifest them into physical reality. My heart seemed unsettled at times because I wasn't really enjoying life the way I knew I was born to enjoy it. I was working a job that I absolutely loved but yet it felt as it my potential was being limited.

And it wasn't until after I unexpectedly lost my job that I really began to see exactly what living fulfilled felt like. Now that doesn't mean that life is always a "bed of roses" for me, but what it does mean is that my life is full of more beautiful rose petals than thorns. I have had faced major challenges like loved ones passing away, but I had to make up my mind that where I was going to was better than what I was going through, and I decided that no matter what I was facing I must stay focused. I wanted to share that with you because often times we encounter challenges and obstacles while we are pursuing a goal or a dream, but that doesn't give us permission to give up or quit.

I am not going to tell you that becoming a life coach or launching a coaching business is easy, because it is not. But if you stick with it you can see phenomenal results manifest. That is personally, professionally, and financially. And the financial aspect can be very lucrative. You can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month. When you are great at what you do you become a client magnet and being a client magnet means you are able to generate a nice income. And the ability to make more money means different things for different people. So imagine how generating additional income could change your life. What would that look like for you?

If you are a creative individual you will love the opportunity to let your creativity flourish as a life coach. You can create group programs, seminars, workshops, books, activities, exercises, and tools all based on your creativity and the needs of your client and clients. Your programs and products will empower your clients to break through obstacles, unleash their potential, and achieve their goals and dreams.

As you can probably tell by now, I absolutely love the field of life coaching. It is my passion and it is my purpose. I enjoy what I do every single day and I am so grateful to God for blessing me in such an amazing way. When I lost my job in 2009 as a corporate nurse due to corporate downsizing, I never imagined that I would be called to do something that touches my heart and soul in such a beautiful way. And when my mother passed away unexpectedly I didn't imagine that during the worst time of my life when I felt hopeless, that one day I would be blessed to help others find hope.

And I couldn't imagine at the time when I was burying my grandson with tears rolling down my face that I would ever feel so much passion for life again. And I couldn't imagine back in the 90's when I was a single mother of 5 living on government assistance that I would one day have a national and international coach training company that teaches others how to live in financial abundance.

Don't look at all that you have going against you, look at what you have working for you, and never let anything stop you. You have the inner power to transform obstacles into opportunities, struggles into success, and your life story into a wonderful coaching business.