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Success Articles > Is It Time to Give Your Life a New Purpose?

Have you ever thought there has got to be more to life than this? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt dissatisfied with the person looking back at you? Have you ever felt like you were created to do more, have more, and be more? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions then it may be time for you to give your life a new purpose.

Regardless of your age, it is not too late for you to step into the greatness that awaits you. It is not too late to give your dreams life. And it is not too late for God to bless you to do even more amazing things for humanity. None of us deserve to live a life that is not fulfilling. None of us deserve to keep our gifts bottled up inside. And none of us deserve to wake up every day feeling like we are not making the difference that we should be making.

Yesterday was a day that we can't get back. Even the past hour was an hour that we can't get back. We can't continue to let life pass us by without living it to the fullest. That means doing the things that bring us joy and peace. That means helping others to live their best life possible. And that means waking up every morning excited about the day instead of dreading it.

Many of us have dreams that we want to achieve. Many of us want to make a bigger impact in the lives of others. And many of us are ready for change. If that is you, then what is stopping you? If you really want to live a more purposeful life then you have to give yourself permission to. You can't allow anything to hinder you. Time is not waiting you have to get moving.

One of the things I say a lot is "when I leave this earth I am not taking any of my dreams with me." We are here on earth for a reason. And we were designed with purpose. There is a divine plan for your life, a plan that can be so wonderful that it leaves you in awe. But guess what? You have control over whether the plan manifests or not. The plan is established but taking action is up to you.